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 ciao benvenuto a casa mia

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Thaddeus (Lanuvium)

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PostSubject: ciao benvenuto a casa mia   Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:52 pm

Name: Thaddeus Hyperion

Representative of: Lanivium / Lanuvium

Gender: Male

Age: 37 (physically)  745 BC(place / historical)

Personality: Thaddeus had few major fights leaving him as a rather laid back man. Though he had serious moments he specially likes to tease his younger sister. Theodora due to her jumpy behavior. Being such an important religious city, Thaddeus carries himself calm, but elegantly. With a warm outlook on things for the better though they may be going the way opposite of a plan he finds a way to right it. Or find the positive at the least.

Physical Description: Thaddeus is slender but elegant, sharing the same beautiful olive colored skin as his sister and nephews. His hair is a light brownish tone reaching just past his shoulders in a wild, untamed manner. His eyes are a greener color, (like South Italy) and friendly. Having an inviting smile and warm personality. His clothing is of the time period. That being of a higher, more powerful status his clothing reflected such being of a higher quality and better fabric (such as silks and gold along with royal, higherclass colors like purple etc) Thaddeus can typically be seen with a white tunic, belted at the waist with a thick stripe leading over the shoulder on both sides to the hem of the garnment where a fine gold or bronze colored lining can be seen bordered by a purple or blue tone. Rings and earrings (typically only rings) sported his high status.


Religion: undetermined - was like religion central and mainly focused around Roman gods, namely Juno(whom the city had a large "temple" for worship of though there were many many others this is most noteable) : the Queen of the gods, childbirth, and marriage

Special Abilities: none
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ciao benvenuto a casa mia
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