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 Don't be evil. Search something, will you?

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Aaron Brin (Google)

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PostSubject: Don't be evil. Search something, will you?   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:53 am

Aaron Brin.

Representative of:


Human: 21.
Site: 17.

Brief personality:
Being one of the most used and trusted sites in the world, Aaron is a responsible young man with a knack for computer sciences. While others slack off, Aaron works until his brain's sore, an over-achiever, a workaholic, even. However, he isn't strict, despite his demeanor. Well, just a bit, considering that he's very responsible and trustworthy. Along with this, he likes to act as though he's the boss, that's why other's often describe him as the bossy type, ordering everyone around and "keeping the order". Though, he does his best to be the "cool boss", if you get my gist.

Brief physical description:
Aaron is a somewhat tall man, standing at 5"11 with perfect posture. His hair's red, to match Google's parent company, "Alphabet." His eyes are a light, pale green, with bushy brows just above them. On his nose-bridge are more often than not, a pair of thin-framed, silver glasses. Though, no one is really sure how bad Aaron's eyesight is. Usually, he'll be seen wearing a white, button up shirt, a striped tie with Google's color on them, a pair of slacks or khakis and dress shoes.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
A Computer GENIUS, I tell you.
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Don't be evil. Search something, will you?
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