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 "However much you grant humans wishes, they are always fickle."

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Veena (FemTakamagahara)

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PostSubject: "However much you grant humans wishes, they are always fickle."    Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:39 pm

Name: 野良 Nora

Representative of: 2p Female Takamagahara

Gender: Female

(human and historical): Nora appears to be a young girl perhaps in her late teens or her early 20's although her true age is unknown. With historical age she is older than Shintoism, having been Yato's regalia at the time.

Brief personality: Nora, at first is the type of person who comes off as very gentle and kind with a quiet and peaceful manner to her. She is seen to care deeply for Yato, who at one point had used her as his Regalia. She prompts him to use her because she was once a human before she had died and all she wanted was a family that cared for her. But that, the wanting made her greedy enough that she turned to violence. Beneath the sweet and kind facade she puts into place, she is actually manipulative and controlling and how nasty she really is. She even goes as far as using any means necessary to get her way. Weather that be through bribery or killing, she will do whatever it takes to come out on top. She is also a relatively jealous person when it comes to anyone getting close to Yato, who she thinks of as hers. She has a deep interest with anything that has beauty within it. She enjoys taunting Yato to use her once more as his Regalia.

Brief physical description: Nora, in her current state appears as a young girl with short black hair and a pair of red, burgundy eyes. She is often enough dressed in a white kimono with a red under layer, a striped red and black sash. Her kimono is also worn right side up, indicating that she is dead as a human. She also wears a pair of straw sandals with white split-toe socks, a pair of small white gauntlets made of cloth, and a white hitaikakushi. Sometimes she is seen wearing or holding a white, faceless mask with a large eye drawn on it. She stands at only 154cm (5"1) but has a thin, elegant frame. Her body is covered in Japanese Kanji characters imprinted upon her body, a common feature for all Strays. The Kanji express all of the names she was once known by while under the contract of other Gods.

Brief history: Takama-ga-hara (高天原 the Plain of High Heaven) is a place in Japanese mythology. In Shinto, Takama-ga-hara (or Takama no Hara) is the dwelling place of the kami. It is believed to be connected to the Earth by the bridge Ama-no uki-hashi (the "Floating Bridge of Heaven").

In Shinto, ame (heaven) is a lofty, sacred world, the home of the amatsukami. Some scholars have attempted to explain the myth of descent of the gods from the Takama-ga-hara as an allegory of the migration of peoples. However, it is likely to have referred from the beginning to a higher world in a religious sense. A Shinto myth explains that at the time of creation, light, pure elements branched off to become heaven (ame). Heavy, turbid elements branched off to become earth (tsuchi). Ame became the home of the amatsukami or gods of heaven, while tsuchi became the home of kunitsukami or gods of the land. The amatsukami are said to have descended from heaven to pacify and perfect this world).

Religious affiliation: Shintoism.

Any special powers/Abilities: Nora, being a Shinki/Regalia is able to shift into her Shiki state which, depending upon the certain God that calls her name, will become the weapon form that they desire her to become.

Extra information:

Shinki/Regalia: are items that gods use for various task and purposes. They are also called Sacred Treasures, Sacred Weapons, Regalias, and Sacred Tools in English. A shinki is made from the loose spirit of a dead human (死霊, shiryou). By “loose spirits”, it usually means wandering souls of people who died from being murdered or killed in accidents. From the eyes of the gods, people who died due to these causes deserve a second chance since they still wanted to live; this is probably why these souls are chosen to become shinki.

Stray: A shinki which is considered dishonorable for a god to have due to having more than one master at a single set time. The masters that own them give a Shinki a new name. A stray, which has more than one master will have more than one 'Name' or Japanese Kanji upon the body that they inhabit.

Nora's known names:

螭 Mizuchi

緋 Hiiro

零姫 Furuhime

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"However much you grant humans wishes, they are always fickle."
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