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 Mathieu Sommet of the Web, at your service~

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Mathieu Sommet (SLG)

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PostSubject: Mathieu Sommet of the Web, at your service~   Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:57 pm


Name : Mathieu Sommet (& Co)

Representative of : Salut les Geeks (SLG)*

Gender :Male (mostly)

Age (human and historical) : The show is five years old, but Mathieu Sommet is a 27 year old man who lived a normal life before becoming the Representation of his own show.

Brief personalitIES : Even though when Mathieu started SLG, he was pretty normal, we slowly started to witness his mental illness taking control over him, as his mind split into several parts and gave him different personalities. All of them represent something that goes wrong in the society, as you will see, and are here to satirize it (child abuse, sexual abuse, extreme capitalism, racism, desire to dominate the world...).
Mathieu Sommet : He used to be calm. Mais ça, c'était avant~** But if SLG was good for his conscious of the world and his ethical reflections, weeeeeeeell, it wasn't that good for his mental health. Looking up at the weirdest shit on YouTube to make his reviews on them, he started to view the world differently, and his nerves were so damaged he now can't hold a show without yelling and agitating his arms furiously. Mathieu has a lot of political and moral opinions which he tells using the reviews he makes ; most of these opinions are in favor of sex equality and freedom of thought (usually going against dogms in religions, and sects). He pretty much makes a satire of the society, capitalism and politicians are his main targets. Mathieu enjoys drinking a bit with his friends (beer or coffee - he's totally addicted to coffee), making video projects with them or alone, playing video games (ESPECIALLY The Witcher) and taking it out on the Geek.
The Geek The Geek is a poor, helpless thing that you want to hug or beat alternatively. Well, the pulic usually just wants to hug him, but Mathieu, The Boss and the Hippie have others things in mind (yeah, even the Hippie likes to beat the shit out of him, that tells how much the Geek is beatable). He used to be a "manly" troll like he said, but then Mathieu's personality evolved a bit and he became a virgin little boy with eyes of a beaten puppet and who awakens the Boss' perverted desires daily. (A lot of fans ship him with the Boss) (Although, each interaction between the characters are either made up for SLG episodes, or are in Mathieu's mind. So what happens in his mind are considerated as true, including the Geek being abused by the others, even if it happens in a virtual room in Mathieu's head)
The Boss Ahhh, the Boss, or basically the one who brings 90% of the feminine audience. Mathieu was a bit lost to see that, but now he just goes with it and uses it. Why is he so attractive ? Well, you'll have to wonder why the girls always prefer the bad guy, cause there we've got a VERY BAD guy. He went into jail once, got out on the next episode, because to quote him "the French police loves SLG's Boss". He is probably the worst criminal who ever lived on this planet.
Trigger Warning:
He seeks pleasure everywhere, on every occasion, with everyone, in every way.
The Hippie The Hippie is a junkie, always with a joint between his lips. He nearly lost it several times. He has a favorite sentence "T'en as trop pris, gros !" (meaning "You've taken too much, mate !"), which helps him justify the weird shit he sees on the Internet. He's peaceful, vegetarian, and doesn't need much to be happy (A door. A fucking door is enough for him.). Well I said he's peaceful, but he did help the Boss to cut the Geek's ears and piss on him. But, groooos, that kid is just too beatable.
Master Panda And there, behind this bubble of cuteness, is possibly the worst - or best - one, at least definitely the most dangerous one. For Mathieu, anyway. Master Panda's life in SLG started when he kicked the Prof out of the show and replaced him by singing songs about the videos reviewed in SLG. Thinking himself as a real Panda (although he just wears a kigurimi), he only eats bamboo and thinks he's the last of his species. But slowly we started to see his ambition... Coming from China, a communist country, he wants to become a dictator, the Staline or Mao of the Internet. And for that, he intends to take Mathieu down.

There are a lot of other characters appearing. The main ones are : The Redneck, The Nazi, The Demon and The Preacher.
The Prof, The Girl and Stephan Burne were three characters who... just died, really. The Prof and the Girl kinda stopped existing, and Stephan Burne was given in sacrifice to a sirena from Barbados.
=updating= =updating=

THE PROF HAS COME BACK !... and associated himself with Master Panda !!!!! OMG.
Also, Jeanne, the AI who helped Mathieu in the last season, got erased by Virus, sent by Master Panda and the Prof. Eheheheh. I never liked her.

Brief physical description : Each character has his own usual clothes that they wear during the production of SLG's episodes and when one of them has the control over Mathieu's mind. When it happens, it can be very scary and awkward for Mathieu afterwards... Especially when he wakes up in a brothel of Argentina, his genitals burried deep int- *CENSORSHIP NOISES* Anyway, Mathieu is a short guy, with blue eyes and brown short hair. He likes to wear fun and colourful t-shirts with a joke or an meme reference on it.

The Hippie, The Geek, Mathieu, The Boss & Master Panda + The Nazi:

Brief history : Salut les Geek is a French webseries that reviews videos found on YouTube, and has been accused of plagiat for a long time because Antoine Daniel was already doing that in What the Cut. But as Mathieu explained, he didn't know of WTC at the moment, and inspired himself of Ray William Johnson. The show used to last 5 minutes and have a little programm at the end called the Science Infuse, where the Prof answered geeky questions (all of them what the fuckesques - yes, this is an adjective, and I love it^^). But when Mathieu noticed that people didn't stay until the end to watch them, he replaced the Prof (and basically killed him) with Master Panda, who would make songs about one of the previous videos. It worked completelly well, to the point that Master Panda had enough notoriety to also host another programm, Panda News.
But during the 4th season, something strange happenned... Mathieu was being observed, followed, and finally... attacked. A Masked Man persuaded a psychiatrist to lock Mathieu down because of his personality disorder, and Mathieu discovered that all this time he had been in a room given by an Asylum and had been placed in observation. When the doctor locked him in a cell, considering him too dangerous, Mathieu lost everything, even his personalities started to disappear because of the hard medical treatments he received.
... Until someone found him, and got him out of his cell. He placed him back in a new flat, giving him a new background for his videos, and Mathieu was able to find his personalities again. (The Panda nearly murdered him for having letting himself being taken like that, depriving him of his bamboos). But finally, the Masked Man abducted him. He explained his reasons, he told Mathieu of how his little sister got harrassed after her video was reviewed in SLG, until she killed herself. The Masked Man got rid of his mask, shot Mathieu, and shot himself.
Mathieu thought himself dead... but he was brought back to the "living" world as the programm mathieusommet.exe !... while someone was living in his flat, got rid of his GTOs, of his Witcher and most of all... of Master Panda's kigurumi. Who is he ? We don't know. But Mathieu was forced to work with the AI Jeanne to make his show, until Master Panda hacked them and killed Jeanne. What happens next ? No idea yet~
Mathieu is only able to get out of the computer since he's a Representation and his representation form allows him to become a programm or have a body as he wishes. But the configurations of his programm doesn't permit him to go anywhere else than the Mansion and its vinicity.

Religious Affiliation : L'Eglise du Bon du Bien***

Any special powers or abilities : Master Panda has an army of ninjas at his disposition, if it counts.

*A French webseries on YouTube. I chose to roleplay him as if the host and creator of SLG himself, Mathieu Sommet, was the Representation.
**Literally "But that, it was before", headline of a French well known ad that has been parodied billion of times
***Literally "The Church of the Good of the Good" XD That Church was founded by admirers of the Hippie. Their priests explode themselves each time someone says something offensive on the internet - let's just say that with all the trolls, there's a lot of them dying every minute !

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Mathieu Sommet (SLG)

Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Re: Mathieu Sommet of the Web, at your service~   Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:40 am

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Mathieu Sommet of the Web, at your service~
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