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 North Carolina App

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Quinn L. Jones(NC)

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PostSubject: North Carolina App   Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:13 pm


Quinn L. Jones

Representative of:

North Carolina



Them/They (Biological Female)


Human Age: 19 years old

Age as a Place: 227 in literal years

Brief personality:

Quinn L. Jones can be very much described as a hardass. They’re often serious, tough and is very much blunt. But, there will be times that they aren't really serious. They do not believe in sugarcoating anything;they will be blunt about everything from how they feel about someone to something as minor as a type of music.  Besides this Quinn can be somewhat carefree, as they can be found sometimes be found mudding and letting loose; the only other exception being when it comes to the few people close to them they will lighten up.

Brief physical description:

Quinn L. Jones is reaches 5’7 in height, and has cropped brown hair that is often untamed as they tend not to care a good bit of how their hair looks. They have light brown eyes and tanned skin that sometimes is sun-burnt with the amount of times they’re out in the sun.They’re mostly dressed in flannal and torn jeans with a pair of boots on. They have a mostly normal appearance with only the real thing standing out is their prostetic arm. There are times they are seen with a hunting dog.

Brief history:


Religious affiliation:


Any special powers or abilities:


Quinn’s color in the chatbox is #003399
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North Carolina App
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