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 Meera! Meera Ki Jawani!

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Meera Kapoor (India)

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PostSubject: Meera! Meera Ki Jawani!    Sat Mar 05, 2016 1:20 pm


Meera Kapoor.

Representative of:
The Republic of India.


Place: Ever since 2500 BC.
Human: 25.

Brief personality:
Overall, Meera is an extravagant, princess-like, yet polite person with a knack for mathematics. Being influenced by popular Bollywood movies, she tends to imitate actors and their dramatic movements. With this comes her knack for dancing, some of it being natural talent, of course. Keeping these bollywood movies in mind, Meera can get sad at times when watching certain movies, but is overall emotionally strong. (*cough* With Hrithik Roshan in it especially *cough*. ) Like most Indian people, Meera is really resourceful and knows how to get the best deals out of merchants. That being said, she’s prone to fighting, and is good at arguments.

And she’s really good at cooking.

Brief physical description:
Meera has dark, tan skin, often adorned with a red bindi on the center of her forehead. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and she usually accessorizes it with a gold pin of sorts. She’ll usually be wearing a traditional indian sari, and bangles on her wrists, sometimes decorated with henna. Although Merra isn’t bodybuilder status, she does go on daily jogs and hikes to maintain her fabulous bollywood bod. Though, she’s rather short, standing at only 5”4.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Talk about Chammak Challo. ;D
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Meera! Meera Ki Jawani!
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