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 ||The Pandemic||

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Matt Kirkland~Nottingham

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PostSubject: ||The Pandemic||   Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:57 pm

At last, the long-awaited plague RP is finally here! Huzzah!
I guess I'll start it off.

It had almost been a month since he left his old job.
A lone man, no older than twenty-five years old, stood outside a school building, gazing at it wistfully in the early-morning haze. There seemed to be something akin to regret in his eyes. No, not regret. Simply nostalgia. Matt sighed, and continued walking down the pavement until he reached a large, high-tech looking building with almost entire glass panels as walls. The new microbiology research center, and his new workplace. It stood before him, tall and formidable, glistening steel frame, concrete, and sparkling glass. He took a deep breath, hefted his bag, adjusted his red jacket for good measure, and walked straight in.

Meanwhile, in a distant corner of the city, a young child is having a fever. He's burning up, and there's nothing his parents are able to do to cool him down. He shows symptoms of abdominal pain and insomnia. The child refuses to sleep. He begins to slowly go mad, like an infected dog with rabies. He screams and writhes in agony. He tears at his own hair.
Two days later, his lungs seize up. He's dead.
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Narcissa W.K [Solomon I.]

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PostSubject: Re: ||The Pandemic||   Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:58 pm

The twins were sitting in the waiting room of the renowned research lab when the receptionist told them to come up, and so they did. Viko looked at his sister, who slid a newspaper across the marble counter. The paper had been released three days ago, and when the twins had checked the Employment section they found something that might just benefit them.

-We... We saw the ad... You're looking for people who are willing to try new drugs and medications... It says here that it's not paid but that those who volunteer will get medical insurance, is that true?

The receptionist, a little too unkind, limited herself to nod and pop the gum she was chewing. Viko opened his mouth to call her out but Narcissa stopped him and spoke again. They couldn't risk to upset this woman, who was already waiting for them with two registration formularies in front of her.

-The names are Narcissa and Viko Wohl-Kirkland... We're in.
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||The Pandemic||
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