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 Appearance is everything.

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Crielle ferch Fnwy

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PostSubject: Appearance is everything.   Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:47 am

Name: Crielle ferch Fnwy

Representative of: The An-Fnwy Estate

Gender: Female

Age: Her face gave her the appearance of a woman in her mid to late thirties, despite the fact that she was tens of thousands of years old.

Brief personality: Crielle ferch Fnwy is a common fae of Seelie Court status living under the An-Fnwy curse, a distant magic that forces cruelty and horror into a bloodline of fae who are supposed to be good, honourable, virtuous citizens. She couldn’t really help the curse, though she didn’t really try and do anything other than embrace it either. She is capable, competent, cruel, and she did everything with class. When wanting to satisfy her cruel streak, she prefers not to get her hands dirty, as she would say, there are other ways in inflicting pain without direct approaches. Her first heartsong was malice, which changed into appearance after her parents' deaths, and her last one wasn’t mentioned after Efnisien’s death, or that it was truly gone.

She loathes everything of Gwyn, even though he is her son. She calls him ‘creature’ or ‘beast’ or anything that refers to him as savage. But once upon a time though, she loved him with all of her, until his birth. Now her love is only directed to her nephew, Efnisien.
Spoiler for Ali:

Brief physical description: Crielle looks like the usual faerie taken out from a book, beautiful and fair. She looks younger than her actual age. She has blond hair that reaches just her lower back, and either it is tied in a bun, not a single hair out of place, or it is just down, framing her face and hanging like waves down her back. Her eyes are blue and sharp, and are capable of giving a cruel glint. She had a slim body that was clothed in a figure-hugging silk dress, preferably in the cool color spectrum, usually blue or green. She carries herself with an air about her and her glamour constantly lets what she wants others to see her as.

Brief history (Spoiler for Ali):

Religious affiliation: None.

Any special powers or abilities: She uses her glamour/dra'ocht to control people. She knew how to play not only individuals, but an entire crowd. She had manipulated over a thousand people with success. She worked now on targeting individuals in a crowd. She can attack with it, making one feel things she wants them to feel. She sees it as a large bird or just large wings.

During bouts of unstoppable emotions, she can affect the people around her. An example of this was when she knew she was pregnant. (… ‘In fact, the uncontrolled burst of glamour that came at Crielle’s joy and knowledge, let everyone in the manor know the very instant she did.’...)

Crielle learned to teleport at three hundred and seven, a little late for a Court fae, but then she used her dra’ocht to do it and it wasn’t a common technique. She had to step into a glamour of her making, which would convince the recipient that they were in an entirely new location. It meant she had to be receptive to her own glamour and there was a knack to weaving it just right.

Her color in the chatbox is #0099ff.
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Appearance is everything.
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