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 'eyyy guys~ I'm SC

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PostSubject: 'eyyy guys~ I'm SC   Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:55 pm

Alex N. Jones

Representative of:
South Carolina


19 years old (as a human)
351 in literal years

Brief personality:
Alex is seen to be a outgoing and slightly odd child, though when ever the need be she can get pretty serious and kinda blank face. There are days where she is seen to be depressed/upset and it is pretty easy to tell when she is depressed, considering she will distance herself and become really snappy. If there ever comes a time when someone manages to make her made she will try for a moment to calm herself before snapping at them, telling them to leave her alone, once that happens she would probably distance herself once more to keep herself from snapping at anyone else.
Alex also easily zone out when it comes to certain things or sometimes just get flat out distracted, it's because of this she can get pretty oblivious at times. It's also a fact that is easily embarrassed and the littlest thing will make her blush as red as a cherry, not only this but she can also get pretty jealous at times but won't admit it.
Andrea's Personality:

Brief physical description:
Alex has shoulder length, normally messy hair, that is seen to be dyed a purple color though her original hair color is brown [If you look carefully you can notice that she has a cow lick that is brushed down] . She has hazel colored eyes and if you look close enough you can see hints of red in it. She is also seen to have pale skin. Her casual attire usually consists of a a sweater and a pair of black shorts, along with a pair of stripped cat themed socks that reach up to her knee, as well as some black boots.  If you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of a jagged scar on her back that she had gotten during the war against England. There are rare occasions when you will see her holding the rifle that she used during the American Revolution.
Alex's appearance(yey chibi drawing :
Andrea[Alex's 2p side] looks almost exactly like Alex, except the cowlick she has a slight curl to it, as well as her eyes a red color rather than a hazel color. Her choice of clothes are noticibly different as well, like she is seen wearing more... revealing clothes.
Andrea's appearance:

Brief history:
Personal History:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

Alex's color in the chatbox is #660099
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'eyyy guys~ I'm SC
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