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 Germany, Germany, Germany is a really really really nice place

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Ludwig (Germany)

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PostSubject: Germany, Germany, Germany is a really really really nice place   Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:43 am

-Country Name: Germany
-Human Name: Ludwig

Representative of: Federal Republic if Germany

Gender: Male

-Human: 20 years
-Historical: 145 years (as of 2016)

Brief personality: Germany is a very sturdy Man with a very Pointed and Serious Personality. He is very Blunt and Straight forward when it comes down to it, and he works very hard to over achieve and impress anyone around him. He'd like to be seen as tough and be respected but hes being constantly looked down upon for his past failures, and mocked because if his two friends Japan and Italy, but it always makes him work harder and push forward and succeed. He is the very definition of a workaholic, working from dawn until dusk, and has a hard time Finding room in his busy schedule to sit down and relax for a moment. Even when hes not training he still manages to find a way to work. He is other wise an introvert, and a very moody person. When he drinks he lets out all of his pent up stress and anger and sometimes even becomes violent I don't want to be around him when that happensHis feelings with Italy may have deepened for him but he is unsure just exactly How he feels for him, but its possible he could be in love with him. His Hobbies Includes making Sweet's, reading and walking dogs, and its possible he may have a BDSM fetish. He also has a deep love for potatoes~

Brief physical description: Germany's Outfit's mostly consists of a Blue Uniform Button down, with Black cuffs and Black trim on the shoulders. The top of the Uniform is unbuttoned by only two and he does not wear a tie. On his feet he wears Black boots that rise to his knees. On more formal events his uniform his green with slight differences to his Uniform. The sides of the coat in the back are longer going down about the length of his thighs and his shirt is buttoned all the way up, and at his neck is a whites nights cross. He wears black leather belt with a gold buckle an Black gloves. He is a white Pale, tall man reaching the height of 180 cm tall. His Blonde hair is usually neat, tidy, and slicked back. He has bright Blue eyes, thin dark eyebrows, strong cheek bones and thin lips. He is a very Strong man, who is thin and slender but very Muscular.

Brief history: Germany's History's starts way back Before the 16 hundreds. Germany was before Known as Germania, and was currently then ruled by the Frankish Empire. It was then divided among the Sons of Charlemagne into East Francia and the Holy Roman Empire. After Martin Luther Tried to reform the churches in 1517 the Holy Roman Empire split into two groups. The Northern States were new Protestants and the Southern States remained Catholic.The two haves threw themselves into a thirty Years war and in Result, the Holy Roman Empire fell, and Germany divided into Numerous Independent States:Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony.

Around the 1900's after Feudalism in Germany had failed and the economy had a boom, Germany began to Modernize. In that they had a dominate foreign policy and Naval force. Germany led the Central Powers in world war 1 against France, Great Brittan, Russia and the United States between 1914-1918. Germany was Blamed for "war guilt" and according to the treaty of Versailles he had to abide by certain demands.

In the Early 1930's Germany's was hit hard by the Great Depression, and a lot of citizens experienced unemployment and they lost confidence in their government. In 1933 Nazi's came into power with Aldof Hitler leading them and began to dictate the country.They took control of Austria and Czechoslovakia, and the Poland invasion officially enacted World War 2 Hitler then had ties with Stalin But it didn't last and then they Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. In Germany, the Nazis were committing Genocide, which is known as the Holocaust. German soldiers rounded up thousand of Jews and shipped them off to various places. One most famous is Auschwitz death camp. Over six million Jews were Killed and over Five million Soviets, polish, Romanies and Russians were killed.

America entered the War in 1942 but the war didn't end until 1945. Form then, Germany was occupied by the Allies, and German territories were split between the East and the west. This was then that the Cold war finally started, as the West side of Germany did everything to evade Communism. The Soviet Union tired building a wall around east Berlin to keep them contained but eventually It was destroyed in 1989. It wasn't till 1990 that West Germany was reunited with the East. They are known now as one of the Biggest Economic Power houses to Europe and contributed to the Eurozone Annual gross domestic product. In 2010 they played a HUGE roll in the Euro crisis, helping resolve it.

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Any special powers or abilities: N/A

Last edited by Ludwig (Germany) on Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:38 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added More Detail and fixed the 'history' Section.)
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The United Kingdom

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PostSubject: Re: Germany, Germany, Germany is a really really really nice place   Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:04 am

You need the actual history of Germany in the history portion.

Please fix this within 72 hours or I will have to delete your intro.


Many believe that it's wonderful to be a nation.

But they forget...

There's the pain. The destruction. The loneliness.

Worst of all... matter what you do... will never forget the damage...

...of losing your closest friends...

...because you were too stupid to open your eyes and realise what you had before it was all

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Ludwig (Germany)

Posts : 4
Join date : 2016-02-18
Age : 18
Location : Its a secret

PostSubject: Re: Germany, Germany, Germany is a really really really nice place   Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:22 am

This Has been Edited~
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PostSubject: Re: Germany, Germany, Germany is a really really really nice place   

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Germany, Germany, Germany is a really really really nice place
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