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 Ship List of Alisstor's

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Alisstor K. (Scotland)

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PostSubject: Ship List of Alisstor's   Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:46 am

Alisstor K. (Scotland) x Cresyra Nox (Nebulasia)
Alasdair K. (2pScotland) x Alison K. (Fem!Scotland)
D. Ashton (Scotland Yard) x ____________
Jacques Grancourt (Paris) x Marco (Rome)
Algernon (Albemarle Club) x Moulin Rouge~Harlequin B.
Jim Moriarty ♔ Stonyhurst x Alder (Candor)
Virgilio Vargas (Vatican) x ____________
Suzanne L. (Normandie) x ____________ / Ji-ho (North Korea) (more or less)
Louis-René (Granville) x ____________
Cúchulainn (Ulster) x _____________
Janus Jock Weathercock x Crielle ferch Fnwy
Jock Beltaine (The Sun) x Esmeralda Peña (DR)
Gwyn ap Nudd (Annwfn) x ____________ (technically, Augus (Unseelie Court), since it's canon, but... Well, I have Augus^^)
Gilbert B. (Prussia) x ____________
Gerhard B.(Reichskanzlei) x Enzo Vargas (Sicily)
Sappho (Ancient Lesbos) x _____________
Angerbodu (Viking Age) x _____________ *CRIES* *My beautiful ship with Abi ;-;*
Léman (Lake Geneva) x Amadeus (Arkham Asylum)
Mincio (Mincius River) x _____________
เมฆ Meḳh (Bangkok) x ______________
Pitch Black (Fear) x Jack Frost (OH YES)
Mordred (Freedom) x ______________
Theodoric (Nobility) x Ash (2p Unseelie Court)
Mathieu Sommet (SLG) x _______________
Juan-Baptista (Carnival) x _______________
Jäger Grosvenor (Hunting)
Sir Gawain (Kaamelott) x Aidan O'Neil (Ireland)
Augus (Unseelie Court) x ______________ (Canonly, Gwyn ap Nudd. Possibly, if we ever do it, Loki (2pViking Age) )
Rab (Slytherin House) x Drake (Malfoy Manor) & Theo (Ravenclaw House) (Yup, the both of them~ Slytherins rock, bitches)
Ivan Braginski (Russia) x ______________

oO Soon to come (or not) Oo

Alexander (Alexander's Empire) x Hephaestion (Ancient Greece)
Eve Genesis (Life) x Joshua Grimm (Death)
An Bheregh (Europe) x ______________
Gascoigne Barr (Liber Terra) x ______________
Efnisien ap Wledig (Seelie Court) x ______________
Uilleam (Bannockburn) x _____________
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Ship List of Alisstor's
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