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 Salam~ Name's Isha.

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Isha (Lahore)

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PostSubject: Salam~ Name's Isha.   Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:50 am


Isha Khan.
(Pronounced: Ee-sha.)

Representative of:
Lahore, Pakistan.


Place: 2,000.
Human: 25. (Around there, somewhere.)

Brief personality:
Although Isha is by most standards, a calm and organized girl on the outside, she is quite the exact opposite. Her general attitude is quite bratty, and short tempered. With Lahore being such a modern city, she’s grown and adapted to western culture, however, with the many religious places there as well, she’d never, ever forget her religion at heart. Though on the outside she’s bursting with confidence, she isn’t necessarily the same when alone. She’s always self-loathing, but when around others, she likes to act happy. People would describe her as the leader type, always looking out for her peers. However, at times she may not realize whether or not she’s being all that rude.
Also, the idea of romance to her is a myth, other than the ones in Bollywood movies.

Brief physical description:
Isha has naturally dark/tan skin, which she does little to take care of (Unlike most Pakistanis, who wish to have lighter skin). Covering her long, dark, somewhat curly black hair is a hijab which varies in color. However, the rare moments in which she doesn’t wear her hijab, she’ll most likely straighten her hair. Like over 50% of the Earth’s population, Isha has russet-brown eyes. While adapting to modern western clothes, she still has to follow her religious rules. So, she’ll most likely be seen wearing a t-shirt with a cardigan pulled over it, along with full-length jeans and a pair of sneakers. Concerning her height, she stands at about 5'3.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
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Salam~ Name's Isha.
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