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 C'mere kids...I don't bite...Much ((2p!FFP App))

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Vincent Fredson (2P!FFP)

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PostSubject: C'mere kids...I don't bite...Much ((2p!FFP App))   Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:59 am

Name: Vincent Fredson

Representative of: 2P Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

Gender: Male

Age (in both human years and approximate age as a place): He appears 16, Unknown, but theoretically 30+ years

Brief personality: Vincent, by just looking at him, he is depicted as a Yandere Character, sometimes he ends up being clumsy. Vincent loves coffee and toast, the reason behind that is because he is insomniatic, he neither sleeps or naps, sometimes his energy is so high because of caffeine and sugar. Vincent also has a very very very slight temper to those who are/look younger than him, it is because of people or kids who messed up his Pizzeria. He also has a habit of clicking his tongue, this is one thing he does to lure his “Victims”. Sometimes Vincent spurt out random things to say when doing his things, Par Example: He tries to go into someone’s room, and this is what he says: “Hey, let me in, I’m a fairy”, he doesn’t think first on what he says. Another thing is, that Vincent loves phones, strangely, he doesn’t know the reason. One more thing, Vincent always smile, but his smiles has meanings and signs, whenever his smile is twitching, he’s either mad or nervous.

Brief physical description: Vincent, unlike his 1P, doesn’t wear the butler suit instead, he wears a purple security shirt. Vincent also wears a purple security cap on his head. Vincent also wears black security pants and black shoes, but sometimes he changes it to purple. Vincent has brown hair, but he usually dyes it purple. Vincent is sometimes seen with a short ponytail hair on the lower section on the back of his head. But that is not all, Vincent has another appearance as well. His Gold-ish suit/jacket looks burnt that it looks yellowish-green along with his hair. There are torn parts on his sleeves and the sides of his suit/jacket. And he also wears some broken looking bunny ears matching the color of his hair.

Brief history: According to the Phone Guy in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the original restaurant was named "Fredbear's Family Diner," presumably a local family restaurant, before being bought and re-enfranchised as "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." By the time the events of the second game occur, the original restaurant and owner have been gone for years. According to several altered posters in the first game, an incident occurred when a man, dressed in an animatronic (thought to be Golden Freddy's or Springtrap's) suit, lured two and eventually five kids in total into the back of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza seen in the second game; however, nowhere does it say that he actually murdered them. The suspect was eventually caught, but in the end, neither the children nor their bodies were ever found. In the first game, the restaurant is actually set to be shut down later in the year; complaints to the Health Department about blood and mucus leaking from the suits, as well as a horrid odor, are allegedly the cause. Furthermore, business had been bad, and the management could not find a buyer for the pizzeria since no one cared to be associated with the name, giving them no other choice but to close the place down. Due to the incidents, the restaurant had been unable to earn a substantial amount of revenue. This resulted in the implementation of a power budget at night. It is also for these reasons that the establishment was forced to close down at the end of the year.

Religious affiliation (if any): Unknown

Any special powers or abilities (if any): He is good in lying, An expert on blades. Also an Expert on tech.
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C'mere kids...I don't bite...Much ((2p!FFP App))
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