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 Wendigos...(Blackwood Mountain App)

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Jack Itzal(Mt. Blackwood)

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PostSubject: Wendigos...(Blackwood Mountain App)   Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:50 am

Name: Jack Cethin Itzal

Representative of: Blackwood Mountain

Gender: Male

Age (in both human years and approximate age as a place): He is at least 24, Age as a place is 122 years.

Brief personality: Jack is very secretive, he drops off one subject to avoid it being talked about. Jack has a tendency to have bloodlust whenever he tasted blood, or simply kill. Jack can be playful with his victims, but he doesn’t often show it. He also likes going out at night, he likes the night because of the dark. Some portray him as a cocky narcissist. Others would portray him as a shy loner type.        

Brief physical description: Jack’s skin appears greyish pale. He wears a Black hoodie and dark colored pants. He has a bandage wrapped up on his left arm and his right thigh. Jack also wears black leather gloves, but doesn’t use them often. Jack’s hair is dark-brown in color. He also wears a blue mask with some black substances leaking out the eyes, but behind the mask, his eyes has a natural black sclera. His teeth are the canine type that can rip off flesh.    

Brief history: The Blackwood Mountain is a large fictional mountain located in the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. The mountain itself houses a mining system, the Washington Estate and the Blackwood Sanatorium. The events of Until Dawn take place on the mountain. The mountain is under protection of the Park Ranger Service ofBlackwood County. The Mountain is home to a variety of different species of wildlife. There is a mountain stream that flows into a waterfall and a river near the bottom. The mountain is heavily wooded and is rich with resources as there is a mine located within it to access its tin deposits. There are also quite a few danger spots on the mountain which includes a maze of caverns, cliffs as well as dangerous wildlife. While being colossal in size, the mountain's elevation is low enough to not be covered in snow year around. The only access to the mountain is by use of a cable car that connects it to the nearby Mount Madahee. In 1893, The mountain was once home to a native tribe called the Cree. The Cree believed in living in harmony with the mountain by not disturbing its wildlife. The Cree also believed that butterflies of different colors would bring premonitions involving those around it. Tin and Radium was discovered inside of the mountain which lead to a mining boom as prospectors closed in on the area from afar. A mine was established, owned, and operated byJefferson Bragg, the same man who would preside over the asylum established years later. Eventually the Cree left the mountain due to colonial westward expansion and the havoc the miners were causing. In 1922, the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium was established. In 1952 due to poor maintenance, a catastrophic structural collapse occurred trapping thirty miners inside the mines without any food and light. They managed to stay alive from drinking from an underground spring, however without anything to eat for twenty four days, they were driven mad by their appetites with twelve of them resorting to killing and cannibalizing the other miners. The remaining twelve miners were rescued and admitted to the Sanatorium for treatment. A cover-up operation was orchestrated by Bragg in order to ensure that he wasn't held responsible for the accident. This was done by keeping the survivors at the Sanatorium as patients due to "post-traumatic stress," sending telegrams warning reporters to stay away, as well as guards assaulting investigative reporters and smashing their cameras when they were caught on the Asylum grounds. The survivors were closely monitored by staff and were shocked to find that the survivors weren't in the conditions that they expected them to be in. Within twelve days survivors were becoming aggressive, displaying a substantial increase in strength, assaulting other patients and staff, teeth and fingernails sharpening and expanding, and their skin growing tougher. The staff then locked the survivors individually in cells behind heavy metal doors. On February 24, a feral miner released himself from confinement in a chair and climbed up the wall and attacked and killed a nurse as she walked in. Chaos and order within the Asylum collapsed as the eleven other miners burst from their cells and began slaughtering the staff and patients throughout the Asylum. Jefferson Bragg barricaded himself in a hidden room in his office and listened to the sound of people screaming as they were eaten alive by creatures that used to be miners. In the 1990’s, The property on the mountain was soon acquired by American movie mogul Bob Washington and his wife Melinda with the intent of using the mountain as a vacation spot for their growing family. They started this process by demolishing the hotel and firing its staff in order to begin the construction of a multistory chalet style mansion. They encountered problems with the stranger, who warned them against pursuing their project as the land was sacred to his forefathers.

Religious affiliation (if any): N/A  

Any special powers or abilities (if any): He can climb walls and jump at high heights.

Other Info: He sleeps in his tree-house. He has somewhat a personality of a cat. He is often nicknamed “Seth”.

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Wendigos...(Blackwood Mountain App)
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