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 Top of the morning to you laddies! (Athlone App)

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Sean O'neil (Athlone)
Sean O'neil (Athlone)

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Top of the morning to you laddies! (Athlone App) Empty
PostSubject: Top of the morning to you laddies! (Athlone App)   Top of the morning to you laddies! (Athlone App) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 12, 2016 5:45 am

Name: Sean O’neil

Representative of: Athlone, Republic of Ireland

Gender: Male

Age (in both human years and approximate age as a place): He appears 24, Age as a place is 324 years.

Brief personality: Sean is depicted a cheerful and yet stubborn character. He is depicted to be really generous and caring, someone who will always be there to help out his friends. However, he gets upset easily and is shown to have anger issues, he has very strong ideals about righteousness and his unfortunately-violent outbursts are usually well-motivated. He can be rather rude and blunt about certain things and usually makes clever, witty comments and outbursts directed at others, much to the annoyance of England. He can be rather foul-mouthed and aggressive, many countries think that’s where England gets it from, but Sean is surprisingly good at house chores and cooking due to the fact that he was poor as a child and had to farm and do many things to keep himself alive. Sean believes in mythical creatures that are related to his country such as leprechauns. He, like England, will befriend most of these creatures to his native land and loves to tell others stories of these creatures passed down from generation to generation. He celebrates St. Patrick's day and Halloween in particular, however, he also loves Christmas. Sean has an interest in black magic and casting spells. He is very athletic in combat and sports also and can go through tough obstacles. Sean is very strong and has the ability to beat up a wild animal and wrestle a human that’s twice his size. Sean has a deep pride for his country and has a love for potatoes and Irish stew. Since Sean has a reputation for drinking the most liquor at an average year than most countries, he can hold his liquor longer than anyone else, but will still eventually get drunk. Sean owns a pet kelpie (a mythical horse that lives in the water) named Ruadhan and is very fond of the creature, the two are always seen together. It’s said that Ireland was originally scared of kelpies as they were known to trick people into riding on their backs and dragging them into the water to drown. However, when he found an injured kelpie in a lake, he decided to tame him and eventually managed to become the kelpie’s owner, the two have become best friends since. Sean likes to consider his people in terms of government and has tendencies to rant and conjure debates about different movements and laws which, in his mind, will either benefit or completely run his country down. He is however, very loyal to the political party Sinn Féinn. A very poor country in his youth, he was very dependent on his brother England during the 19th century-20th century. Because of Sean’s proclaimed neutrality, he doesn’t engage very much in wars, but makes his point that he’ll only fight when he really has to. However, he has a strong sense of surviving in war and has gained lots of victories over the years his country was growing. Also, because Sean doesn’t choose any sides during battles. Sean has a special job which was being responsible for creating peace treaties to settle conflicts with other countries which is also part of his neutrality. Sean is on good terms with most of the countries and doesn’t really have any enemies. Overall, he is allies with everyone in the EU along with America, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

Brief physical description: Sean has brownish-ginger hair that sometimes appear lighter or darker. He has light fair skin with slight visible on his face and bright green eyes. He also has a slightly visible scar on his left cheek, which England is responsible for during the time the two went to war over Ireland's independence. Sean has an average slim body. Like America, though he was a colony of England, he wasn't cursed to have thick eyebrows like the other colonies such as New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong. Sean has a light green baret as a headwear, it was revealed that the hat was given to him by his brother England as a birthday present when the two were on 'fair' terms. However, during times of war, Sean takes on a completely different outfit. Instead of his usual attire, Sean wears a dark green Irish army uniform with matching black boots, a dark green army cap and black fingerless gloves. He has a red armband which has the logo of the I.R A. Also, he likes to have his black army gun bag which holds a Steyr AUG; his signature weapon.

Brief history: Athlone (Irish: Baile Átha Luain, meaning "town of Luan's ford") is a town on the River Shannon near the southern shore of Lough Ree in Ireland. Located on the border betweenCounty Westmeath and County Roscommon, the development of the Athlone owes much to the location of a strategic ford (river crossing point) on the Shannon.
Bridge and Defenses:
Other Structures:

Religious affiliation (if any): Roman Catholic

Any special powers or abilities (if any): Like England, he can talk to mythical creatures, Can use magic.
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Top of the morning to you laddies! (Athlone App)
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