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 Delivery God Yato, at your service!

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Yato (Takamagahara)

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PostSubject: Delivery God Yato, at your service!   Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:30 am


The name's Yato!
*winks, giving the reader a polite salute.*

Representative of:
Though I just moved here, I represent...Takama-ga-hara! Where all the cool Gods live! Pretty neat, huh?

*flexes his invisible muscles* I'm a manly man~!

Well, I'm a young man in my early twenties, but Takama-ga-hara has been around since the beginning of Shintoism, heck!

Brief personality:
People say that I'm very playful and sneaky, doing silly and childish things such as buying good luck items that are obviously a scam, but come on!
*with a pout,* They were at a good price! I'm very determined to become more popular as a god, placing my cell phone number everywhere I can or doing jobs, advertisements always work, right? Also, a lot of people say I slack off, but I'm trying just as hard as everyone else so shhh! *lets out a huff at this statement.*

Sometimes, I can be ominous and mysterious. (which is rare!) There’re even rumors that I've killed a couple of people before....but those are just rumors, amirite? And usually people gossip of how I can be crude, unpredictable, cruel, and merciless! But C'mon, just take a look at me, I'm the friendliest guy you'll meet! *arms widespread, indicating his acceptance towards all.*

You know what really get on my nerves? Weak-spirited people. If they're boring, let them be boring. They're missing out, not me.

If you ever see me with a wine glass full of coins, lend a tip~! Just kidding...! *frowns, feeling solemn for a bit,* Not really...but yeah! *However, he perks up immediately,* I'm really materialistic, I like to keep my money stowed away. But sometimes I just end up spending it on drinking, gambling, and buying good luck trinkets! How much luck can one god get, eh? I'm just gonna throw this out there- but I love to make people happy! Wether they want to buy something, or lost a precious item, I'm always one to help! *gives another friendly wink, smiling widely.*

I often indulge in fantasies in which I'm rich and successful, *a dreamy look on his face,* with more followers than any god out there!
And though I may be silly and idiotic, I can be quite wise and very serious when the situation requires it!

Brief physical description:
I know this may be self confidence,
*puts his hands on his hips,* or just my godly looks, *chest out,* but I'm one of the most attractive men you'll ever meet. *and a big douchey smirk.*
My eyes are a striking blue color, *widens his eyes, as too give the reader a good look at them,* that often narrow when I'm angry, like a kitty-cat!
Now, I just like to say that the contrast between my blue eyes and dark, bluish-violet, chin-length hair (which I sometimes put in a ponytail!), makes me quite handsome. Around my neck is my signature tatted scarf,
*gestures to his neck, tugging on the scarf that engulfs it,* which I'll wear with every single outfit of mine! Another signature look of mine is a navy tracksuit with a white shirt underneath, that's what you'll usually be seeing me wearing!
Nothing else to say....oh wait! My height, right- I'm around 6 foot tall...but I haven't measured it exact so I might be wrong.

Brief history:
Well, I'm too lazy to explain it myself. So here:

Religious affiliation:
I represent a Shinto place. So shintoism, obviously.

Any special powers or abilities:
I'm a God! I have god powers and stuff.
*it seems like the area in close proximity to him is sparkling.*

My color in the chatbox is: #003399.
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Delivery God Yato, at your service!
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