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 You really shouldnt take your eyes off an enemy~ (2P!Owari No Seraph APP)

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Crowley Eusford (2P!ONS)

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PostSubject: You really shouldnt take your eyes off an enemy~ (2P!Owari No Seraph APP)   Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:50 pm


Crowley Eusford

Representative of:

2P!ONS - Vampire




looks - 26(really is (in manga / anime over 700-850 years old physically), Actually - 5 years (being so as the manga started in 2012)

Brief personality:

Crowley is a calm and patient vampire who enjoys fighting any opponent. Even when Crowley is in a tight spot, he remains calm with a pleasant smile. While Ferid tells him he does not care if he lives or dies, Crowley only looks mildly disappointed.

Whether things are interesting seems to be an important motive for Crowley's actions and movements. He joined Ferid Bathory's faction for this reason and while on the battlefield constantly, he exclaims when/if something impresses him with an almost childlike curiosity.

He has also displayed insight, noticing how fast humans are evolving and even deducing they can't have done it by themselves, which would mean a vampire has gone traitor. He discussed this with his aides Horn and Chess, whom he also warned about the weapons after testing the ability of one.

Crowley has a clear set of mind considering humans and considers them nothing but livestock. He is willing to kill humans without hesitation and use them as bait to attract the more enemy soldiers.

Brief physical description:

Crowley is a tall and muscular vampire with broad shoulders. He has maroon bangs and thick eyebrows, while the rest of his hair is dark brown. His long hair is kept in a braid that comes over his shoulder on the left side of his neck. He has a single piercing in each ear. Like all vampires, he has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears.

As a progenitor, he does not wear the standard uniform for vampire soldiers. He wears black boots with white heels and toes that reach below his knees. He wears white pants and a white army shirt; the top buttons are undone to show his pecs. He has a black belt with a chain on the right side and his scabbard on the left. He wears a black sleeve and glove over his right arm, and this sleeve is fastened to his the cape that covers his left shoulder and reaches the back of his right shoulder. The sleeve has two white stripes at the end. He has a second cape trailing from his waist to the back of his knees. His overall attire represents that of what a crusader in the 13th century would wear.

Height: 190 cm (6'3")


Brief History:

In 2012, the world allegedly comes to an end at the hands of a "human-made" virus, ravaging the global populace and leaving only children under the age of thirteen untouched. It is at this time that vampires emerge from the recesses of the earth, likely followed by age-old horrors of the dark thought only to be myth. The vampires sweep the earth and claim it in a single violent stroke, subjugating the remnants of humanity and leading them beneath the surface to safety. The JIDA was formed in response to the decline of human population and the threat of demons and vampires. Though there are also other magical organizations around the world, it is the JIDA that stands out as the most effective human organization that can survive and fend off vampires and demons. It is lead by General Tenri HÄ«ragi and comprised of many elite units. After the outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus, the human population fell by 90%. It killed off anyone 13 or older, who did not receive the vaccine. Strange monsters referred to as the Four Horsemen of John appeared and began killing off the remaining humans. In response, vampires came into the open and saved as many humans as they could as human livestock out of concern for their drastically diminished food supply.

Before the fall of human kind. The vampires had survived underground in large cities in a very hierarchy based society with nobles, lords, and commons. The humans taken in under "the protection" of the vampires being the lowest.

Religious affiliation:


Any special powers or abilities:

Vampires have impressive power and regenerative abilities; this increases with their lineage and age. They can easily reattach a limb. Nobles have the authority to turn a human into a vampire if they so choose. Vampires may increase their abilities by drinking human blood at any time.

Their eyesight allows them to distinguish a target several hundred meters away, even in pitch-black darkness.

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You really shouldnt take your eyes off an enemy~ (2P!Owari No Seraph APP)
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