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 What do you want?.. [Imber App]

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Evelyn Kirkland(Imber)
Evelyn Kirkland(Imber)

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What do you want?.. [Imber App] Empty
PostSubject: What do you want?.. [Imber App]   What do you want?.. [Imber App] Icon_minitimeThu Feb 11, 2016 2:52 am

Evelyn Rose Kirkland

Representative of:


Human: 20
Historical: 1049

Brief personality:
Evelyn is a fairly good cook, learning how to cook on her own as well as learning from the people who use to live in the village. She is usually seen with an emotionless expression not really one to show emotions that she might have shown in the past. Like most Kirklands she tends to try to keep her distance from others and tends to keep to herself. She isn’t really one to talk about her past though she isn’t fond of most Kirklands mostly because the village she represented was evicted and used for military uses.. She won’t allow herself to cry in front of others so if someone upsets  her she will just snap at them, maybe even curse at them, leaving the room.

Brief physical description:
Evelyn is seen to have long blonde hair that is tied into braids, along with large green eyes. She is usually seen wearing a simple sleeveless blue dress and red trim, a white apron attached at the waist, along with brown boots. She is usually seen holding an old brown bag that normally has drawing supplies as well as a spell book she ‘borrowed’ from someone. Most of the time she is seen with a small black cat with her that she calls “Midnight” and she tends to talk to him when ever people are around her. On rare occasions she will be seen wearing reading glasses.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Like most of the Kirkland’s she is skilled with magic, though she doesn’t really know how to use it nor does she like to. She can also see mythical creatures like the other kirklands.
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What do you want?.. [Imber App]
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