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 You must respect me or else I can behead you for treason! Or, well, I could hurt you slowly~

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Roland E. (2pAustria)

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PostSubject: You must respect me or else I can behead you for treason! Or, well, I could hurt you slowly~   Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:13 pm

Name: Roland Edelstein

Representative of: Austria (2p)

Gender: Male

Age: In human age he looks like he's in his late twenties and literally he is 61. (His birthday celebrates Austria's Declaration of Neutrality, signed in 1955.)

Brief personality: He is arrogant, with a brattish attitude. He's kinda obsessed with himself, referring to himself as royalty. He acts like a spoiled brat. He tends to goof off and prefers having fun over something formal. He is loud mouthed, speaks informally, and is particularly lazy (that much is true as he leaves the cleaning and everything to his 'servants'). He's also a big pervert and isn't shy when it comes to anything sexual. Austria is seen several ways. My depiction of 2p Austria is that he still likes the classical music, but he prefers not to be disturbed. As Roderich is okay to have spectators watching him, he is not. He prefers to be alone in the room when he plays. If he really appreciates you, he can let you watch him play. He enjoys applying makeup, and often experiments with fun colors and intricate designs. His personality is kind of like Grell Sutcliff's (a Black Butler character) personality. That being, stalker-ish, obnoxious, in some parts cruel, manipulative, and a bit snobbish. He's not cowardly as well, but sometimes he acts like it to play the role of a 'damsel in distress'.

Brief physical description: Physically similar to his counterpart. Not much of a difference. Austria's hair varies from brown to black, and on rare occasions, blond and sometimes red. His eyes are often seen to be either brown or red. His clothing is similar to his counterpart, though usually under a red theme rather than purple. He wears glasses, a long red coat with a white jabot, and black pants. He also has a mole on his face, just below the left side of his lip.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: None, he doesn't want to be tied down to "do's and don't's".

Any special powers or abilities: He plays any instruments well, but he prefers to play the violin.

His color in the chatbox is #990066.
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You must respect me or else I can behead you for treason! Or, well, I could hurt you slowly~
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