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 Proper and well organized (Carlisle App)

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Carl Kirkland (Carlisle)
Carl Kirkland (Carlisle)

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Proper and well organized (Carlisle App) Empty
PostSubject: Proper and well organized (Carlisle App)   Proper and well organized (Carlisle App) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2016 5:34 am

Name: Carl Kirkland

Representative of: Carlisle, UK.

Gender: Male

Age: Human Years - 24 , Aproximate Age (as a place) - 170,000 years (with prehistoric times)

Brief personality: Carl is a person with discipline, he wants to keep things in exact order with good attitude, but in times when his temper goes off, the help of magic comes in. He mostly have spars with someone who is interested to do so, since it is part of his so-called "Daily Training". When things are neutral and normal, Carl just simply has his tea time, this relieves all his stress and problems and seems to not care about it anymore. But there is another side of him, and that other side is a punk, he mostly just sits there smoking cigar and drinking Whiskey. But under all that look he gives off, he is a kind-hearted man with affection for cats. Carl loves cats and usually keeps one as a pet, or takes care of them before letting them go on their own.

Brief physical description: Carl has Blonde hair and fine-toned skin. He also has Golden colored eyes and thin sharp eyebrows. His attire has a style of a waiter, Sleeveless Black Tux, white long-sleeved polo, black trousers and black leather shoes. He mostly wears Black gloves. He also has another attire, it consist of a White shirt with a large blue collar, with royal blue trousers and black shoes. Now on his rather punk-ish appearance, his hair is in a rather "Wild-Style". He wears a black hooded jacket which looks like a winter jacket that has a furry collar, he also wears a black undershirt with the word "PUNK" on it, along with black jeans and black rubber shoes.

Brief history: Carlisle is a city and the country of Cumbria, it is also the administrative centre of the city of Carlisle borough in North West England. It is the largest settlement in the country of Cumbria. The early history of Carlisle is marked by its status as a Roman Settlement, established to serve the forts on Hadrian's wall. During the Middle Ages, because of its proximity to the Kingdom of Scotland, Carlisle became an important military stronghold. In ancient Carlisle, excavations undertaken along Annetwell Street in the 1970's dated the Roman timber fort constructed at the site of the present Carlisle Castle to the winter of AD 73. In the 1990's, Carlisle became infamous because of high crime rates and impoverished living standards.

Religious affiliation (if any): He hasn't decided wether he is a Christian or a Protestant

Any special powers or abilities (if any): He can use Magic with a snap of a finger ((or just using it with his own hands)).
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Proper and well organized (Carlisle App)
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