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 Hello, My name is George (Bermuda App)

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George Somers (Bermuda)
George Somers (Bermuda)

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PostSubject: Hello, My name is George (Bermuda App)   Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:19 am

Name: George Somers

Representative of: Bermuda

Gender: Male

Age (in both human years and approximate age as a place): Human Years - 19, Aproximate Age as a place - over 500+ years.

Brief personality: Bermuda is rather bipolar, he has two sides, the one side is normal, which is rather cheerful, joyful, and always bring happiness. But his other side is rather sadistic, he may have a little habit of killing, but most of the time he doesn't kill which he regains his common sense and self-consciousness. But one thing unique about him is that he has a strange reaction when near females, sometimes when a female is near or touches him, he gets a weird, awkward feeling, but it sometimes happen in certain times. He also has his imaginary friends, like his mermaid, which sometimes appear in water/watery areas, he sometimes gets scared by them. He has a liking to sweets, like chocolate, lollipops etc.

Brief physical description: His hair is jet black and very messy. His skin is slightly pale white. He wears a white shirt with long sleeves, and he wears jeans. He has eyebags for some reasons. His "formal clothes" is a white long sleeved polo with black Blazers, with a black necktie. He also wears black pants and black leather shoes.

Brief history:
Bermuda was discovered by Juan de Bermudez in 1505.[1] The island is shown as "La Bermuda" in Peter Martyr's Legatio Babylonica (1511). Bermudez returned again in 1515, with the chronicler Oviedo y Valdés. Oviedo's account of the second visit (published in 1526) records that they made no attempt to land because of weather.

In 1609, Sir George Somers set sail aboard the Sea Venture, the new flagship of the Virginia Company, leading a fleet of nine vessels, loaded with provisions and settlers for the new English colony of Jamestown, in Virginia. The fleet was caught in a storm, and the Sea Venture was separated and began to flounder. When the reefs to the East of Bermuda were spotted, the ship was deliberately driven on them to prevent its sinking, thereby saving all aboard (150 sailors and settlers, and one dog). The survivors spent ten months on Bermuda. Several were lost-at-sea when the Sea Venture's longboat was rigged with a mast and sent in search of Jamestown. Neither it nor its crew were ever seen again. The remainder built two new ships: the Deliverance, largely from the material stripped from the Sea Venture (which sat high-and-dry on the reef, and was still being cannibalised in 1612 – its guns were used to arm a fort) and the Patience. The latter was made necessary by the food stores the survivors had begun to collect and stockpile in Bermuda, and which could not be accommodated aboard the Deliverance. It was built almost entirely from material sourced on the islands. When the two new vessels were complete, most of the survivors set sail, completing their journey to Jamestown.

They arrived there only to find the colony's population almost annihilated by the Starving Time, which had left only 60 survivors out of the 500 who had preceded them, and most of these survivors were sick or dying. The food the Sea Venture survivors brought with them was woefully insufficient, and the colony seemed unviable. It was decided to abandon it, and to return everyone to England. Loaded aboard the two ships, they were prevented from making this evacuation by the timely arrival of another relief fleet, bearing Governor Lord De La Warre, among others. The Sea Venture survivors had brought pork from the pigs that had been found wild on the island, which had presumably been left by previous visitors. This led the Jamestown colonists to refer to "Bermuda Hogs" as a form of currency. Somers returned to Bermuda with the Patience to obtain more food supplies, but died there from a surfeit of pork. The Patience, captained by his nephew, Matthew Somers, returned to England, instead of Virginia. Somers left three volunteers – Carter, Chard and Waters – behind on Bermuda (two when the Deliverance and Patience had departed, and the third following the Patience's return) to maintain the claim of the island for the England, leaving the Virginia Company in possession of the island. As a result, Bermuda has been continuously inhabited since the wrecking of the Sea Venture, and claims its origin from that date, and not the official settlement of 1612.

Returning to Somers' hometown of Lyme Regis, in Dorset, his body (which had been pickled in a barrel) was landed via The Cobb, the notable breakwater which protects town's harbour. His heart, however, was left buried on what would subsequently also be known as The Somers Isles. After reaching England, the reports of the survivors of the Sea Venture aroused great interest about Bermuda. Accounts were published by two survivors, William Stracheyand Sylvester Jordain. Two years later, in 1612, the Virginia Company's Royal Charter was officially extended to include the island, and a party of 60 settlers was sent, under the command of Sir Richard Moore, the island's first governor. Joining the three men left behind by the Deliverance and the Patience (who had taken up residence on Smith's Island), they founded and commenced construction of the town of St. George.

Bermuda struggled throughout the following seven decades to develop a viable economy. The Virginia Company, finding the colony unprofitable, briefly handed its administration to the Crown in 1614. The following year, 1615, King James I granted a charter to a new company, the Somers Isles Company, formed by the same shareholders, which ran the colony until it was dissolved in 1684 (The Virginia Company itself was dissolved after its charter was revoked in 1624). Representative government was introduced to Bermuda in 1620, when its House of Assembly held its first session, and it became a self-governing colony.

Religious affiliation (if any): Christian

Any special powers or abilities (if any): Capable of bringing bad luck, be able to summon sea beast and aliens, can bring strong storms, typhoons, hurricanes and whirlpools
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Hello, My name is George (Bermuda App)
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