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 Your OOC 2P

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Ellis Jones (Savannah)

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PostSubject: Your OOC 2P   Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:08 am

Hello everyone, Drew/George here, and right now I am going to explain what my 2P! self could be. (You can add a sketch of your 2P! self as well)

I will explain my 1P first, I may appear to be shy, not much of a talker y’know? And I don’t interact much with people especially females, well I did talk a little bit at school, but that is just another story. I don’t think kinky, I don’t think perversely and act as the innocent one. I am easy to talk to, when I talk to one person, my attention also goes to the other person. My hair is in good shape, not too long, not too short, I like to keep my hair like that so it wouldn’t be much of an annoyance. I could be a little too informative in any platform of communication.

Then goes my 2P, exact opposite of everything above. I talk a lot until I talk to myself and my “Imaginary friends”. I do a lot of stuff with people, either normal or abnormal. I could be perverted. I don’t notice the person talking to me or calling to me, sometimes I just ignore that person because sometimes when people talk to me, I think of them as annoying. My hair could be long, my bangs can cover my eyes, my back hair can cover my neck and the sides cover my ears. I always hold a blade in my hand. I always wear hoodies (Because I love them). I also tend not to tell everyone the whole thing, much like partial phrases such as "My hand bled". I wear masks as well, one mask is the one you have either seen or not, I wear a Tokyo Ghoul mask with goggles, and a Marble Hornets mask. Also being an all-day gamer.

My 2P self sketch:
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Matt Kirkland~Nottingham

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Location : Frankly it's none of your business ._.

PostSubject: Re: Your OOC 2P   Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:42 am

Well, since Drew put a thing up I just decided to reply, for fun :D. I'm Kirs by the way.

So, my 1p self a.k.a. my normal, real self. I'm actually a little bit shy and introverted. Not that I stutter and break a sweat when people are talking to me, more like I avoid people in general. Sometimes I prefer to be alone. It also means that I beat around the bush a lot and I like to be secretive about certain things, which is opposed by the fact that I can be very blunt with people I know well. My friends know not to get mad when I tell them I hate them, it's how I show affection (sometimes). At times I can be very talkative. I actually have borderline ADHD and bipolar so I have 'hyperactive' periods, followed by sulking. A LOT of sulking. I also think I'm too influenced by my mother; she buys my clothes, she checks my homework, she monitors everything I do, and I can't leave the house unless she lets me. I don't even have my own room.
I do have violent/sadistic tendencies and mild anger issues, but I keep them to myself. I wouldn't consider myself in any way 'kinky', or maybe I just don't realize (as proven by that ONE THING I said to Ben, Sarah, Akachi, and Alex while we were playing truth and dare on skype).

My 2p self would probably be a brat that would get in a lot of fights, like how I was back in primary school. My 2p would likely be openly insane and a manipulative bully, and would probably have kidnapped senpai by now. I would most likely have knives strapped to every inch of my body, and be prone to randomly laughing hysterically. I would argue with my parents a lot, like how my brother did when he was fifteen, and my friends would likely think of me as a jerk. I would probably be mouthy, witty, and somewhat conceited.

2p Sketch:
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Alex N. Williams(SC)
Head Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Your OOC 2P   Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:18 am

Eh- Why not do this haha-..

So my 1p self, aka myself. I guess you could say I am pretty open and a little bit of an oddball and pretty strange. I can be pretty sensitive about certain things, though I will try to hide most of my emotions rather than talking about it. I can get jealous pretty easily and tend to get flustered a lot sense I will embarrass myself pretty often. I am not afraid to take a hit since yah know I have been, slapped/punched/kicked quite a lot in the past and a few times now, so I am pretty use to the pain. I have a pretty wild imagination and tend to get lost in thought a lot and I have quiet the fear of death.

My 2p self well would be the opposite of me, I would probably be distant and not really talk about anything. I would probably give off a pretty depressing vibe as well as not hesitate to tear up to the littlest thing that would hurt her physically or mentally. Unlike my 1p self she probably be a lot more paranoid and feel like everyone hates her. She would probably try to keep away from her friends especially if they were trying to help her out.
Warning triggering:

She probably have a very snappy attitude at times and curse a lot less than my 1p self would.



“I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.
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PostSubject: Re: Your OOC 2P   

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Your OOC 2P
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