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 Outlast RP

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Jeffery Woods (MM Asylum)

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PostSubject: Outlast RP   Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:41 am

Something is not right about that asylum, all hell has gone loose in there. We need to investigate what is happening in there, and get back with all the evidence about it. Get your camcorder and batteries and make sure that you get every evidence about that asylum, be warned, there may be patients and staffs that might be unstable, be careful and make it back safe and sound.

Locations of the Asylum:
Psychopath information
According in the game, an example of the psychopaths are Chris Walker, The Twins, Richard Trager, The Walrider, and Eddie Gluskin. As a psychopath, your task is to chase down the investigators and make sure none of them knows about the asylum, or if possible, to kill them.

Investigator information
Your task is to take any file about the asylum, history, former staffs, and others. As you collect files, you must find a way out of the asylum, which is not easy due to the former living humans that tried to escape barricaded the rooms or locked some gates. You also need to get away from the psychopaths as they are smart enough to take you out, use your environment for a perfect escape, such as ceiling vents or tight areas where you can slip in.

Psychopath template:

Investigator template:




Name: Jeffery Woods
Age: 24 for this RP
How long have you been in the asylum: 11 years
Traits: Hunter, bloodthirsty, Persuasive, Insane
Former patient or staff (If staff, please specify): Patient
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Outlast RP
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