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 The Manliest Character

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Hungary (Elizaveta)
Hungary (Elizaveta)

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The Manliest Character Empty
PostSubject: The Manliest Character   The Manliest Character Icon_minitimeFri Dec 11, 2015 6:36 pm

Elizaveta Heléna Héderváry.

Representative of:
Magyarország (Hungary).


Human: 23
Historical: Born in 895

Brief personality:
In her past, Hungary was once a nomadic girl who loved to chase after horses on the plains and was rather tomboyish, having been raised to believe she was male until her breasts grew. She is described as being, a reliable older sister type, the manliest character in the series, and being very scary when angered. She loves bathing in hotsprings and singing scary songs. In an older profile, she was said to be introverted, but a hard worker behind the scenes. She's also said to be somewhat unlucky. She still appears to occasionally speak boyish manner, especially when excited. She is quite the Yaoi fan. She's shown to enjoy cute things, such as tamagochis and has expressed her love of cute boys. Despite her brash and at times battle-hungry behaviour, she's also not afraid to show her feminine side, if her gentleness and preference towards wearing dresses when not in uniform are anything to go by.

Brief physical description:
She has long brown-blonde hair that is somewhat wavy at the ends and green eyes. She is described as being a beautiful, loli-faced woman with large breasts and blonde hair. Depending on the time period, she's also seen in the past wearing medieval armour, a maid dress, and a variant of Austria's military uniform. There's also artwork of her in rather revealing and form-fitting armour, based largely to the ones she had worn as a child. The flower she wears in her hair, according to notes by Himaruya, is meant to represent Lake Balaton. It has been alternatively coloured pink and yellow in the official artwork, though it is coloured orange in the anime adaptation.


Brief history:

Religious affiliation:
Previously Catholic, now Agnostic. (Can’t be a Yaoi fan if you’re Catholic.)

Any special powers or abilities:
Well, she’s one of the strongest and manliest characters. ._.
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The Manliest Character
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