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 Overly stubborn 2p!

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Isabel (2p! Granada)

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PostSubject: Overly stubborn 2p!   Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:21 am

Name: Isabel Fernández Carriedo (Formerly named/called Isabel Abdallah).

Representative of: Ciudad de Granada (City of Granada).

Gender: Female.

Age: 19 in human age, there was another representation from 5500 B.C until the 1st century A.D. Fernando was 'born' on the 711 A.D.

Brief personality: Unlike her male counterpart, she's less silent and will always have snarky remarks for everything. Like a Spanish saying would proclaim, "Perro ladrador, poco mordedor (Dog who barks a lot, doesn't bite as much).", she may 'bark' a lot, but when it comes to fighting she's pretty much defenseless. Like Fernando, she has developed this personality out of self-defense, and whenever he cannot even say a thing out of fear, she will always come to back him up. She knows that Fernando has a sense of dependance of her, so she will not be afraid to be the tough one whenever difficult things happen, because she knows he can't really handle it well. In spite of her strong personality, she tends to soften when it comes to her brother and her loved ones. She's not as sensitive as Fernando, but things will still get to her.

Brief physical description: Isabel is almost like Fernando's reflection. She's as short and petite as him, but of course, as the lady she is she's a bit curvy, but still not very busty. She also has the same skin tone due to also being mixed race, which caused (and still causes) lots of discrimination from the Spanish population. Her back is also adorned with similar, as severe deep scars that Fernando has, mainly caused by constant punishment, social and structural destruction of her city. What she is proud of at the very least is her hip long, slightly curly and very bubbly chocolate brown hair, which she combs carefully so it won't be a puffy, fluffy mess. Like Fernando, she also has a fringe that, if she doesn't handle carefully, would cover her eyes. Her eyes are a very dark (almost black) shade of grey, who once were lively too, but shine with less joy nowadays.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Catholic Christian.

Any special powers or abilities: Anything slightly artistic she wants to do, then she can create.
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Overly stubborn 2p!
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