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 Sensitive 2p!

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Fernando {2p! M! Granada}

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PostSubject: Sensitive 2p!   Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:05 am

Name: Fernando Fernández Carriedo (Formerly named/called Fernando Abdallah).

Representative of: Ciudad de Granada (City of Granada).

Gender: Male.

Age: 19 in human age, there was another representation from 5500 B.C until the 1st century A.D. Fernando was 'born' on the 711 A.D.

Brief personality: Fernando may have a rough, extremely quiet exterior, tending to avoid to socialize with other people and just remain in complete silence, but on the inside he's a big, big softie. His hard, stoic behavior was only developed soon after the Reconquista as a way of self-defense due to the constant humiliations and mocking he suffered. He's a lover of art, writing, singing and dancing, anything that has to do with the such is highly admired by him, and poetry is his weak spot, which he always wrote in secret in his very youth. He's a very sensitive young man, and even if it seems like insults don't affect him a first, he will most probably just go to his room and cry a lot, which he tends to do whenever he grows offender or scared. He's not a fighter, which was also a reason of insults and mocks, so he tries to pretend he has this feisty temper which he, of course, has always and will always lack. If somebody has a friendly approach towards him, then he's most likely to actually talk to this person with politeness.

Brief physical description: Fernando is a very short and petite-looking male who doesn't really go off as intimidating. He's quite slim, so it can be easily assumed that he had never, ever even dared to swing a sword, alabarda or axe before. Due to the damage his city had suffered, not only social but in city structure throughout the years then his back is full with several, differently-sized scars. His skin is in an in-between of very tanner and dark, mainly because he's a mixed race person just like Isabel. He has bubbly, ruffled chocolate brown hair which he tries his best to tidy, part of it a fringe that, if not carefully brushed, then it'll cover his eyes. His eyes are big and used to be extremely lively once, they are a very, very dark grey, almost brown.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Catholic Christian.

Any special powers or abilities: He's a very skilled flamenco dancer.
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Sensitive 2p!
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