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 Marriage marriage marriage--

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Natalya Arlovskaya
Natalya Arlovskaya

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Marriage marriage marriage-- Empty
PostSubject: Marriage marriage marriage--   Marriage marriage marriage-- Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2016 11:55 am

Name: Natalya Arlovskaya (Belarusian: Наталля Арлоўская, Natałlia Arłoŭskaja)

Representative of: Belarus

Gender: Female

Age: 19 physically, and literally she is 23 since the USSR, but Belarus first came to existence around the 3rd century.

Brief personality: Belarus is an intimidating, harsh young woman who radiates a hostile atmosphere. She has a deep infatuation with her brother Russia, though her feelings are not returned and he feels disturbed by her deep obsession with marrying him and her somewhat stalker-like behavior. Latvia said that she and Russia are so scary that even ghosts wouldn't want to meet them. She's said to have a very strong heart and equally strong will, but they only seem to manifest in negative ways. She's rather vulgar in her speech, and was noted to say things like "penis" and "shit" in a calm way.

Brief physical description: Belarus has long, straight platinum blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Though it's generally worn straight down, her hair was in a ponytail during the 2011 Christmas event. When she was a child, her hair was short and raggedy at the ends. She's also been noted to have large breasts. She wears a dark purple dress given to her by Russia that reaches her knees, a white hair ribbon(though it is said to have variations in color, notably black,) a white waist apron (though the ribbon holding it to the dress is striped), and black mary jane shoes with black stockings. Russia has stated that Belarus is "a total beauty" and "really pretty", while Lithuania commented that she, "despite being very strong, can be cute sometimes." She is shown to carry around a knife at points. In her cameo appearance in the published manga, her hair was colored light brown, and she wore a black ribbon and black dress with no apron. Her hair also appeared to be drawn shorter.

In a sketch by Hidekaz Himaruya, Belarus is shown to wear a deep green jacket, a long matching skirt, and black boots as part of her military uniform. Her bow is also black in this image.

Brief history: In early times, Belarus was inhabited and ruled over by various people including the Slavs, the Mongols, and Lithuania. During the 19th century, various people tried to claim Belarus and it was alternately ruled by Poland and Russia. The latter managed to retain control until WWI when Germany claimed Belarus and in 1921, the country was divided between Poland and Bolshevik Russia (which became the USSR the next year). This was a terrible time in their history as the Belarusians in Poland were subjected to mass killing and thousands were executed.

During the next two decades, Belarus was passed back and forth between USSR and Germany, which left the country ravaged by the end of WWII. A quarter of the country’s population died during the war, many of them in Nazi concentration camps.

Under soviet rule, Belarus recovered economically and Minsk became one of the industrial hubs of the USSR. But disaster struck in 1986 when the Chornobyl (aka Chernobyl) nuclear power station in Ukraine melted down and Belarus was harder hit than the Ukraine itself. Around one-fifth of the country was seriously contaminated and people suffer the effects until today.

Nationalist sentiment grew in the following years and the Communist Party issued a declaration of full national independence in 1991 during the collapse of the Soviet Union. It has retained closer political and economic ties to Russia than any of the other former Soviet republics.

Since independence, Belarus has had two presidents—Stanislau Shushkevich, a physicist who followed a centrist path between communism and the Popular Front, and Alexander Lukashenko, who runs the country with an iron hand. Internationally, Lukashenko is considered tyrannical and backward and held responsible for the economic decline of what was once a very promising nation.

Religious affiliation: Agnostic

Any special powers or abilities: She is a great acrobat and she can see ghosts (as mentioned in the personality part) and she can be skillful in throwing knives.

Her color in the chatbox is #3366ff.
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Marriage marriage marriage--
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