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 Well hello~~

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(2P!)Erikur Stielsson
(2P!)Erikur Stielsson

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Well hello~~  Empty
PostSubject: Well hello~~    Well hello~~  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2016 10:48 am

Well hello~~  Tumblr_inline_ndwtif1qX71rujz3w

Well hello~~  Giphy

Name: Erikur Stielsson

Gender: Male

Reps: 2P!Iceland

Age: 24 (human) 101 (place)

Appearance: Erikur has dyed bright purple hair with faded ends*. Pale skin, almost like a piece of paper. And deep red violet eyes (though more red). His bangs are usually kept swept to the side, covering his left eye which is no longer there (having been lost at one point due to an accident). He isn't the tallest, being of average height and slender. A large scar just above his hip extends from his back around to just past his belly button (this demonstrates the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which the country is on causing it,to essentially split), the area here, though not tender, is something he prefers not to have touched.

*his hair being a similar silvery white as his 1P when not dyed. Though he does not let this happen.

Personality: Erikur is the flamboyant type (and extremely gay). Seen in bright flashy clothes and feminine in dress. He is irreparably a talker. Social games are his favorite as he has little to no issue starting a conversation with anyone. One downside to him however he is OCD. His house / room is kept spotless at ever moment. Sheets changed every other night. Usually friendly, Erikur gets along well until he is made angry or upset. In which case he tends to get vocal. Shouting and cursing. Throwing a something akin to a temper tantrum, though they do not last long, they are quick and sudden. A quick way to become friends with him is shopping. He can get touchy feely. But usually (almost never) means nothing by it.


Personal History; how he lost his eye:

Religion: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland

Special abilities: None

Well hello~~  Tumblr_inline_ndwtif1qX71rujz3w
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Well hello~~
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