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 Ahlan! 'Ana Palestine!

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Faraj (Palestine)

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PostSubject: Ahlan! 'Ana Palestine!   Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:19 pm


Faraj Khaled Al-Shafei. (فرج خالد الشافعي)

Representative of:
Palestine. (دولة فلسطين)


Human: 17/ (Somewhere in his teens.)
Place: The State of Palestine is only 27 years old, however, Palestine has existed for many centuries.

Brief personality:
A man who likes to keep his distance, emotionless, hiding his true feelings and having a tendency to restrain his anger. But if you talk to him first, you'll see him as a friendly and hospitable person. Faraj does show his warm side and his pride about his way, belief, and struggles, and is always quite enthusiastic to share his ideas. He likes to learn from experience, a self-taught type, and he's practical, skeptical if he hears a brand now concept. Faraj honors traditions, traditional and family-minded, he'll put forth great amounts of efforts to keep his home and family running smoothly. Also, he has a clear set of standards and doesn't mind to defend his belief if somebody judges it. Long-period commitment and loyal attitude are his strong-suits. Once you get his trust, Faraj will believe in you and support your interests. If he’s speaking about himself to you, that means you’re his bestfriend. Don't betray him, ever. Maybe he’ll forgive you, but Faraj will never forget it and can insult that at any occasion without feeling guilty at all. You can't get his trust again, whether or not you’ll betray him again, he’ll have to think twice about it, no matter how guilty you feel. Considering rules or law, Faraj shows a lot of respect and tries to be loyal. But it depends. If the rules sounds logical to him, he doesn't question it. But if the rules sounds too coercive to him, no logic, unfair/harmful, he doesn’t think twice before deciding not to comply.  Faraj is not naturally good at expressing feelings/emotions directly. It’s different depending on the person, and this trait contrasts with his hospitable aura. He has experienced a lot of horrible things in his history, so he has his own view on life which is hard to explain to others. He needs private time to think about way to express that to others and to calm himself down (because he often feels frustrated after trying to explain to others). Faraj is very sensitive, easily irritated with what others say, but he never shows his true feelings and acts like nothing happened. Sometimes he might say something hurtful with rude language, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like the person. He just thinks that sweet words won’t help. If someone comes up to him, Faraj will show respect, simply saying ‘thank you’ and flashing a smile— he doesn't talk too much. Faraj cares deeply about those close and sincere to him, and always keeps them in mind. Faraj usually isn't comfortable with expressing his love to strangers, most likely expressing his affection through actions. He's not type hold a grudge or grief for a long time, he’ll just get up and take a break.
Faraj is albeit conservative with money because he’s very poor, and tries to control his opulence. But he’s very charitable and won’t mind giving some money to those in need. He has great survival skills and can think creatively. He’s still learning about different places, and may have a difficult time saying "no" when he's given more work than he can handle. For making friends or relationships, Faraj prioritizes quality over quantity, create strong connections rather than adding new relations (although Faraj does, he just wants a strong friendship when making new friends). He's good listener, rarely interjecting, and likes to hear conversations that include family, friends, daily life, hobby, fun places, etc. Maybe he’s not a clever speaker, but he always thinks before he speaks. Faraj can be a good observer, comprehending situations, and leaving people surprised when they hear his detailed observation result, because he has a strong memory—which isn’t great for an embarrassing moment.
Though his personality isn’t perfect, you'll find a gentle side in him. Faraj is quite polite and laughs when necessary. Not personally threatened with criticism, as that criticism builds up to his kindness. He has good social skills, but his experience says he must be careful and don’t befriend people who want to take advantage of him—related to his issue about strong memories, And to try and accept situations which don’t go as plan.

Brief physical description:
Faraj has black hair, with unfixed, long, messy bangs, parted on left, center, and right, stopped on his band-aid. He has a band-aid on his left forehead which is hid under his bangs. Faraj has dark, tanned, rough skin. His body is average and has more of a slim built, with proportional shape and some noticeable muscle. His russet eyes are almond shaped and he has large, slightly disheveled eyebrows.
For clothing he prefers wearing t-shirt, long shirts, jacket, jeans and sneakers, as long as it’s practical. Usually he wears a dark brown jacket with black shirt and blue jeans. Faraj is not afraid of wearing very western styled clothes (in polite ways, of course). Most younger Palestinians wear Western-style clothing, but they don't forget their traditional clothes. He never forgets his traditional scarf/shemagh/keffiyeh, and proudly wears it with any clothes, usually worn as a scarf. Sometimes, more often now, he’ll be seen wearing a Palestinian uniform, and he can’t be bothered to change out of it.
Full Body Appearance:

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

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Ahlan! 'Ana Palestine!
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