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 Ask me about the leprechauns

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Finn O'Neil
Finn O'Neil

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Ask me about the leprechauns  Empty
PostSubject: Ask me about the leprechauns    Ask me about the leprechauns  Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2016 2:07 pm

Name: Finn O'Neil

Representative of: The Republic of Ireland

Gender: Male

Age: As a place he is 1,523 years old. In human years he looks 26 or so

Brief personality: Finn has a very bad temper at times, even when he tries his best to stay calm. He's been known to enjoy a beer or two (or three) every once in a while. Drunk or sober he isn't afraid to tell someone what he thinks of them. Finn is known to get into fights often at bars and has earned a reputation as the "Dublin hothead. Of all his siblings he gets along with Arthur the worst and Alisstor the best, along with Osian.

Brief physical description: Finn is 6' and has short red hair. He has freckles across his face and torso among other places and wears a cross every second of the day, even when he showers. Finn has a strong dislike for sneakers and refuses to wear them, opting for a sturdy pair of boots instead. He has a tattoo of a four leaf clover behind his left ear so that he may have eternal luck. Years of hard work has left him with a scar or two here and there on his torso.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: Christianity  (Roman Catholic )

Any special powers or abilities: knowledge and ability to perform magic.
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Ask me about the leprechauns
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