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 Orion's Hunting Dog

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Sirius (Canis Major)

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PostSubject: Orion's Hunting Dog   Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:42 pm

Name: Sirius

Represents: Canis Major

Gender: Appears male but has no true gender

Age: Appears mature but is ageless

Brief Personality: He is usually very calm and lazy, except for short bursts of extreme activity. He is polite to strangers that he meets. Sirius is more likely to nap than to try and meet new people. He is a very stubborn person and will not change his position at all. Sirius is very strong willed.

Brief Physical Description: Sirius has detached astral dog ears and a long, fluffy tail. He has four eyes; the top two are a dusty red-lavender while the bottom are two separate colors: blue and orange. His skin is white with a faint glow to it. He is about 6’7”. He has long varying shades of blue colored hair. His collar is located on his left wrist.

Brief History:

Religions: None

Power/Abilities: Levitation at will; ability to breath and survive in space
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Orion's Hunting Dog
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