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 Could ye light my cigarette?

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Alison K.(Fem!Scotland)
Alison K.(Fem!Scotland)

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Could ye light my cigarette? Empty
PostSubject: Could ye light my cigarette?   Could ye light my cigarette? Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2016 9:42 pm

Alison Kirkland

Representative of:


26 years old (as a human)
she was born somewhere around 5th century
(tried to find correct age and  failed)

Brief personality:
Alison is seen to be quite rough and gets pretty angry, mainly because she has anger issues and is usually stressed by work. She is known to be pretty strong and fierce, not really one to let someone tell her what to do. Alison can be quite the flirt and will usually be seen flirting with someone be it some stranger or her sibling. She can be pretty stubborn and loud at times, especially when she is drink. She is seen to have a fondness for smoking as well as her friend Nessy[Loch Ness Monster]

Brief physical description:
Alison has long scarlet/maroon hair and like her brothers she has green eyes, her skin being rather pale. She is mostly seen wearing a navy blue uniform, with a white 'X' on it, along with brown gloves and matching boots, she also wears an iron earring in one ear to ward off Faeries. Her casual wear though is just a white tank top along with some shorts. Also it is quiet rare to see her without a cigarette/cigar. One rare occasions she will wear a dress, but that almost never happens.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities: Like her siblings she is able to see magical creatures.[color=#3300ff]
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Could ye light my cigarette?
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