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 Nyo!Leuchteland Application

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PostSubject: Nyo!Leuchteland Application   Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:55 am

Name: Frieda von Schwarzritter

Representative of: Nyo! Imperial Leuchteland

Gender: Female

Age: About 25 in human years. About 95 since her establishment. (Not counting her time as Nyo! Byzantine Empire.)

Brief personality: Frieda is much like her male counterpart. She is usually calm, but sometimes freaks out a little when things go bad. She is very intelligent, as she is an excellent strategist and inventor. She behaves very ladylike and proper, giving a quaint feel to her. She is kind of like an older sister type character. Protective of those younger than her and willing to give advice.

Brief physical description: She is six feet tall and has black hair done into twin braids. She possesses rare golden eyes as a unique feature. Her body is curvy, quite flexible, and also strong. But not muscular. She wears a black open collar uniform jacket with gold buttons, a white blouse underneath, and a white leather belt with a custom pistol and a dagger. She also wears a black skirt with form fitting trousers underneath, and black riding boots. Sometimes she also wears a headset, cap, and even a type of pelisse.

Brief history: Frieda was once the Byzantine Empire when she was a young girl, just like her male counterpart Friedrich. Then one day her capitol city of Constantinople was besieged by the Ottomans and she was killed in the battle. However that was not the end. After she died, she was taken by God and turned into a mysterious entity known as the Black Knight, just like Friedrich. She was given the task of helping people and fighting evil in dark times whilst learning many lessons. After fighting in The Great War, she vanished. But in the 1920's after Germany had lost the war, a group of Germans decided to leave the country and establish a new one. Seeing no suitable place to settle however, many of them called out to God for a miracle. Sometime after in the middle of the Atlantic a new country arose that had never been on any map before and thus the people settled and remained in isolation for decades undetected. Frieda was resurrected and became Imperial Leuchteland. Since then, they had advanced through utilizing steampunkesque technology. Creating walkers, the first teleporters, and many other incredible technologies. Despite their advances, the country remained somewhat conservative. From being ruled by a Kaiser to the clothes on their backs.

Religious affiliation: Christian

Any special powers or abilities: Just like Friedrich, she can teleport at will and conjure electricity as well as be immune to and absorb it. She also knows how to fix or make anything out of gears, wires, or metal. Or even the combination of them, so she is an adept mechanic.
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Nyo!Leuchteland Application
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