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 Here I Come~ ヽ(`7´)ノ

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Chun-Yan Wang (Fem!China)
Chun-Yan Wang (Fem!China)

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PostSubject: Here I Come~ ヽ(`7´)ノ   Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:31 pm

仙哀血【xiān āi xuè】
shee • ahn | i | shway
Xian Ai Xue

Representative of:
People's Republic of China【中华人民共和国】! ヽ(`7´)✌


Human: 4000
Historical: Her civilisation dates back somewhere between 2.24 million to 250,000 years ago.


Brief personality:
“I’m what Westerners call badass,” is what she’d tell you. You upset her, she’ll beat you with her wok. If she doesn’t have her wok, she’ll beat you with her hands (get your mind out of the gutters, pervs). She’s also nice and kind and she treats all of her family members nicely. Some say she’s a bit blunt and straight forward, but that’s how she is. Also, she can be a bit soft at heart. Millenniums of living takes a toll on you after a while... Seeing old friends die in what seems a matter of seconds, but is only a regular life time... Sometimes she cries from these memories.

But she can still kick your ass. ヽ(`7´)ノ

Brief physical description:
She has black hair and brown eyes. She usually has her hair up in different styles every day. She has a round face and a small mouth. Her nose is tall and she has thin eyebrows. She typically wears casual clothes, but she wears traditional clothes on holidays.

Brief history:

Brief history of China? You must be crazy. You can’t have a brief history of China. Well, might as well...

Brief History (Timeline format):

History (Paragraph):

Religious affiliation:
Buddhist, mostly.

Any special powers or abilities:
Asian powers! ヽ(`7´)ノ
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Here I Come~ ヽ(`7´)ノ
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