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 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. We are Growing Strong.

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Julexandra L. (Ellysar)

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PostSubject: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. We are Growing Strong.   Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:01 pm

Julexandra Layfaya



Physical Description:
Eyes: Her eyes took on a natural color of blue, but because of the experiments done on her, her eyes change color according to her emotions: red for anger, pink for love/admiration/adoration, green for fascination, a bright blue for happiness, a dull blue for boredom, and purple for catatonic.
Hair: Her hair was naturally blonde but because of the experiments, her hair turned red and it reaches to her lower back. She keeps it up in a ponytail when working, but otherwise she puts it down.
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115 lbs.
More Info: Julexandra wears a white jacket with red designs on it. She wears fur boots, brown pants, and gray winter gloves. She doesn't smile much, though.

Brief Personality:
Jul is an introvert. She rarely talks and if she does, she will do it in a blunt and short way. She won't really talk unless you talk to her first, but there are rare times that she will talk to you if you're interesting enough. She doesn’t get too mad easily, but you have to be careful if she is, she can get too merciless and cruel, though this rarely happens – her anger at the scientists who experimented on her never wavered. She can be mean at first but she'll warm up to you if you get to know her better. She’s the type to love her people and will do anything for them. She's honest and trustworthy. She doesn't smile much due to her past (but she does smile the little smiles), and she is prone to embarrassment because she has no social skills. She doesn't know how to express her feelings well and she relies on her eyes to relay her feelings.

Personal History:
Born on December 22, 2093, Jul belonged to an abusive family. For years she was abused, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. When she was 13, she and her mother had a big fight one night and she had enough so she left to Plucia, where she was captured and taken to Flowana for experiments. She was one of the first two hundred to be experimented on, and the ones before her died when the experiments were done on them, without giving the scientists a chance to observe them. Her strong will to live was what urged her to fight the experiment's side effects, never letting herself sleep for fear of dying. The side effects subsided after three days.

She stayed in the lab for five years, with the scientists watching her every move. When she reached 18, her growth stopped and she was by far the most successful experiment. On June 2111, she escaped and went to the new president’s, Peter Morgan’s, house. There, she begged to him to go to Flowana and stop the experiments.

She was recognized as the country's representative by President Peter and he let her live in his estate, knowing what her family did to her.

Representative Of:

Named after the daughters of the current President, Ellen and Lysandra Morgan.

Former Country Names:
Archyr, Oligarth, Rubia

Day Formed:
It started to construct on October 30, 2084.
It was opened to public on July 21, 2089.
It gained its official independence day on July 21, 2116, on the day the country was first opened to the world.

Democratic Republic

President Peter Morgan.



Location: Antarctica

Each dome is about 130 square miles and the tunnels can be at least 2 miles.


”Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. We are Growing Strong.”

On August 2083, a group of scientists wanted to make a new country for themselves, and so, they ventured into the icy lands of Antarctica two months after, on October. With a hundred architects and builders, they started to construct domes and tunnels for their new country. A fourth of the people there suffered from frostbites and the cold. On June 2089, six years later, the infrastructure was finished, and it was opened to the world a month after, on July. It was named Archyr, after the man who thought of the country’s formation, Archie Cipriano – who was 47 that time – and he was put into the position of a president.

A decade later on July 2099, Archie died of a heart attack at age 57, and his vice-president, Oliver Almonte, replaced him. He renamed the country as Oligarth, after him and his wife, Martha. He was a tyrant. He was the one who supported the experiments on living beings. While he ruled, over two hundred children on the ages of 7-13 were kidnapped and were experimented on. His rule lasted for another five years, until 2104, until the people had enough of him. This sparked a civil war.

The war lasted for two years, with the people winning, ending it on June 2106. Oliver was demoted from his position and the people chose another man, Ruben Martinez, who was known for his leadership during the war. He renamed the country again as Rubia, at his wife Jovi’s request. He ruled for a decade, but never knew of the experiments, just that children were being kidnapped.

After Ruben, came Peter Morgan. He renamed the country Ellysar on July 2116 after his daughters. The country representative approved of the name, thus making it its official name and marking its official independence day.

A girl from the experiments escaped the research laboratories and came to Peter Morgan for help on June 2116, the start of his term. She told him everything and Flowana was raided and the scientists were captured. The child was then known to be the country representative, as the scientists claim.

The research building for ‘Living Beings’ is under investigation. Other buildings such as ‘Atomic Research’, ‘Agricultural Research’, ‘Antarctic Research’, and ‘Chemical Research’ are under surveillance in case some scientists are secretly doing experiments on living beings on the government’s back.

(She's neutral with mostly anybody. The countries she know are just trading partners; nothing more, nothing less.)

Major Exports:
Ice, new tech, and mostly crops that are grown in the greenhouses in Etror such as potatoes, sugarcanes, tobaccos, and strawberries.

Religious Affiliation:

Special Abilities
Due to the experiments done on Julexandra, she is agile and she has fast reflexes. Her hearing and sight are enhanced and she is good with electronics.

Her color in the chatbox is #ff3333.

(Sad to say, the motto is borrowed.)
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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. We are Growing Strong.
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