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 Lovely rp Idea

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Alex N. Williams(SC)
Head Moderator

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PostSubject: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:46 am

Because of certain events, my lovely rp idea got deleted sooo yeah! Time to remake this once more!

In this rp there are 8 test subjects, each having a special ability that they had gained through series of painful and stressful tests. One day, they had planned to escape and once they were ready they went through with the plan, successfully escaping the damned facility, heading into a city. Unknown to them that the facilty had been planning for this, resulting in them having already made successful test subjects[5 of them] with special abilities of their own, known as the 'Hunters' to catch them and bring them back. During the little time they spent in the city they run into a few normal humans and ask them if they could stay with them, not letting them know the reason why and even going as far as to hide their power, once the normal people aree on letting them stay.... One question remains.. Will they get caught by the hunters? Is their gonna be  a traitor among them? I guess you will have to join and find out.
App Format:

Test Subjects(1/8 Open):
Hunters(5/5 Open):
Name: Alex N. Jones
Age: 19
Role: Test Subject
Ability: Shadow Manipulation, Shadow Walking[Going into shadows and traveling through them], Shape Shifting.
Personality: Alex is seen to be pretty paranoid and twitchy in the group, unable to bring herself to trust anyone that is not in her group. Though she might be like this this won't stop her from trying to defend her friends as well as attempt to try to trust others. If you're able to gain her trust you will notice that she can be quiet energetic and a bit odd, but she is also easily embarassed by the littlest thing. It's easy to tell that she is pretty protective  and will anything to protect her friends, even if it means she gets hurt.

Name: Axel N. Jones
Age: 19
Role: Human
Occupation: Waiter at a Cafe
Personality: Axel is seen to be a caring and kinda childish boy, though he can act pretty childish, when he needs to he can get pretty serious. He isn't really one to fight but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to, in fact he has gotten into a few fights in the past and won a few of them. He can be pretty odd at times but he usually acts like that to try and get people to smile.


“I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home.

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Leif Thomsen (2p!Norway)

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Location : Oslo, of course. Why do you ask, my friend~?

PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:50 am

Name: Iulia Agrippina Astrum
Age: Around 21
Role: Test subject
Ability: Telekinesis, night vision, knowledgeable in mathematics, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics. Can atomize (that is, utterly destroy) small objects no larger than 1 meter tall and 1 meter wide. However, this stunt is relatively energy-draining.
Occuptation: N/A
(I just copy and pasted from my app, may return to this later)
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Christina Edelstein

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Location : Austria

PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:22 am

Name: Ju Pyros
Age: 19
Role: Test Subject
Ability: Opening Seeled Doors, fire breath, fortune telling, shape shifting
Ju is a cheerful young man, but he can be serious when it is needed. He loves to play pranks on others and usually has a big smile on his face. If someone hurts his friends, he gets really pissed. Even though a lot of fucked up shit had happened to him, he doesn't give up.
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Maria de la Cruz (Pinas)

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Age : 22
Location : Manila, Philippines

PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:05 am

Name: Jack Frost
Age: 18 (for this RP)
Role: Test Subject
Ability: Ice powers, or Ice manipulation. Can control the winds, snow, and frost - just everything in the powers' domain.
Personality: Jack is all about snowballs and fun times. He can make anyone smile with just a joke or two, and he's really mischievous. He doesn't touch anyone though, in fear that he might accidentally freeze someone. Deep down he's sentimental, and kinda depressed.

Name: Oliver Kirkland
Age: 23
Role: Test Subject
Ability: Poison manipulation
Personality: Oliver is bubbly and cheery. He is usually smiling. He belongs to the group 'looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you'. He can control his poison that he can make them ooze from every part of his body. He won't touch people though, afraid that he might poison them accidentally.

Name: Maria de la Cruz
Age: 10
Role: Human
Occupation: Waitress at the cafe Axel works at
Personality: Maria is outspoken, can be very stubborn sometimes and is known for her love of mangoes, hospitality, and her violent edge. She is said to be rather tsundere. She cares deeply for her co-workers to the point that she nags them like a mother, though she won't do it regularly because she knows it's annoying.


Moderator - You can come to me for advices, tips, and questions! Just PM me on this account, or check my other contacts below!

You can also contact me on:
Discord: not_so_original_username#8213
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Simeon Borisov (Bulgaria)

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Location : Bulgaria, where else?

PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:43 pm

Name: Simeon Borisov

Age: 18 (for this role play)

Role: Test Subject

Ability: Simeon has control over the wind - more precisely air currents, but no one actually cares about that. What he can do is send blasts of air, lift himself pretty high in the air and, with bigger concentration, even make small tornadoes which are strong enough to destroy a solid door. Due to being part of this from a young age, he can control things very well, especially flying, going to rather dangerous at time speeds, though he doesn't mind. Just when they left he was training how to lift other people, along with making storm- like winds but left that for the greater good. So far, both abilities are too weak to be useful in any way.

Occupation: -

I'm also going to paste the one from my app, may touch it later so it's more appropriate for the role play:
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PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:53 pm

Name: Kiku Honda

Age: 22

Role: Test Subject

Ability: He has the power to heal others in just a few minutes. Healing small wounds and diseases such as a cold are easy for him to heal, but he has yet to have been able to heal any large wounds or diseases such as the flu. He can also influence and accelerate the growth of plants, causing them to mature with supernatural speed, grow to unusual size, and produce in abundance. User can cause plants to grow from seeds to full-grown plants in moments, cause them to flower and produce fruits, and make small plants appear out of the ground. Most of the time though, he just grows herbs for healing.

Personality: Kiku is a gentle, kind, and quiet man. He tends to worry over everything and get stressed easily. He prefers to not get into fights if he can avoid them. It takes a lot for him to get angry with someone and is usually an understanding person.

Name: Chad Ched

Age: 18

Role: Human

Occuptation: Photographer

Personality: Chad is a care free, outgoing, and a very geeky dude. He loves talking to people and getting to know and become friends with them. He is a internet master, and knows how to hack pretty easily. He takes his job as a photographer very seriously. He can be annoying at times, but usually knows when to shutup.

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Matt Kirkland~Nottingham

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Location : Frankly it's none of your business ._.

PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:27 pm

Name: Matteo Vargas
Age: 26
Role: Human
Occupation: Lowpaid salaryman. Works for multiple jobs. (Waiter, teacher, barista, and porter)
Abilities: N/A
(May return to this)
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PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:51 am

Name: Vanesa Bianchi
Age: 22 (for this rp)
Role: Human
Occupation: Waitress at a local café
Personality: Even though Vanesa is usually kind, patient, and soft-spoken, she can be surprisingly short-tempered and easily annoyed or agitated, and can be prone to panicking. Overly finicky people irritate her.
She's also seen to be quite hardworking with a great appreciation for art, music, dance, and architecture which she inherited from Austria while she and many other countries were his underlings. Vanesa also enjoys folk stories and fairy tales both from her own country and others. In her spare time she likes to paint watercolors.
Vanesa is a very serious and organized person that likes to plan out what she will do before she does it. However, if things don't go as planned she's a little bit of a crybaby and is easily upset.
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PostSubject: Re: Lovely rp Idea   

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Lovely rp Idea
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