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 This is a semi-formal appology..? Idk??

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Larus (Cryptids)

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PostSubject: This is a semi-formal appology..? Idk??   Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:25 pm

hi. Hello. Almost all of you know me. No? Larus. The one who takes care of the list of hell and old posts. Right.

Ive been a little short lately. Yes. I get that way. But instead of going straight over me. Its called conflict resolution. Come to me. Tell me you have an issue. Tell me on Skype. On kik. On a email. On pm. Idk. Just tell me and we can talk shit out. Sarah is technically a parent. And were all the siblings she has to watch. Alone. Alex and I act as older siblings. No? Yes. Going. Straight to Sarah and not working it out. It does not give me a reason to trust you. And you not to trust me. With authority positions (admin, mod, etc.), trust between the members of the site and those in charge is important. Come to me. Tell me. My job is difficult. And it is even harder when you don't listen. I'm very forward. When I talk. When I have something to say. I suppose since I don't have an admin status. You seem to not see me as authority? Ast least. That is how I feel. It feels like no one has listened to me as of late? Do I have to be on my moderator account (Niels) to remind you. I am a mod. I have authority. Though not as much as Sarah. I know. But I can report to her. If there is an issue. Thats what we are here for (moderators). I am not saying don't tell sarah. But Please. Do talk it over with me. Tell me. No one is perfect. And a lot of you on this site are WAY younger than I am. I actually believe, I am the oldest on the site as it is. Unless some one is a few months or a few years older and I don't know about this. But as far as I know. I am the oldest. And I do have a postition of authority. You still do need to tell Sarah if theres an issue with anyone (Including myself) but it doesn't give the person you are "telling on" any reason to trust those who have done such an acction. Only making things worse.

This is not directed at anyone. No name aside for Sarah's and Alex's mentioned. Though in no way accusatory. I am again. Not singling anyone on the site out. I shouldn't have to feel like I can't trust anyone bc they don't talk to me about a problem they have with ME. Larus. And sneak around to tell Sarah.

If you have anything at all to say to me. Please do so privately. Not on chat. Or here. PM me and ask for skype, email, kik (if you don't have any of these) or just avoid that and PM me through the site. I'll get it eventually. I actually do check my Messages quite often just to see if anyone needs something and has PM'd me.
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This is a semi-formal appology..? Idk??
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