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 I am Neptune, who are you?

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Poseidon (Neptune)

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PostSubject: I am Neptune, who are you?   Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:53 pm

Name: Poseidon, though goes by Neptune

Representative of: Neptune - Planet

Gender: no gender (though it looks feminine in form, but male apendages *aka a dingler*)

Age (in both human years and approximate age as a place): looks 24, is ageless

Brief personality: Neptune is a solitary planet, being one of the farther celestial bodies in the solar system. Making them one to keep to themself. Though they do and will chat with their siblings in passing during orbit. If however put into a social environment, Neptune will converse freely once “warming up” to the others around him. His quiet behavior makes him seem an outcast to the rest and socially awkward as a result. Though through no fault of their own.

Brief physical description: Neptune, being of a celestial body is vaguely human, in the fact that their body is human in shape though there are differences between them, and an average human. The fact being that rather than two eyes, Neptune has four. Their skin, is frozen to the touch. Though it does not affect them physically. Their skin is a pale blue color, much lighter than that of its planet, an almost unnoticeable blue with a slight shimmer to it because of the frozen surface of the planet they represent. Their four eyes are a striking gold color though only two of the four are typically inuse. To “fit in” with those around when in contact with humans. Neptunes hair is a mess of a wavy curled mess kept just long enough to cover their ears. As their typical clothing is well enough to cover most of their body. Being knee high boots with a thick plush fur like lining matching the inside of the coat and collar. No hood is attached to the coat as it is unnecessary. Exposed skin is seen with varying sized diamonds embedded into their skin as a fact that on the planet when it rains, it rains diamonds. Neptune is always seen with at least 3 moons, a constant being Triton, the largest moon in orbit about the planet. As well as the moon, Neptune wears several rings on his hands to signify the small, almost unseen rings that encircle the planet.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation (if any): if it counts, the sun

Any special powers or abilities (if any): can float / hover and is highly resistant to the cold, in fact, the cold doesn’t bother them anyway (lol)
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I am Neptune, who are you?
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