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 Hello~ Alice~

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Chester W.(Mamoreal)

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PostSubject: Hello~ Alice~   Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:00 pm

[b]Name: Chester W.

Representative of: Mamoreal

Gender: Male

Age: 24 (human) 140 (as a place)

Personality: Chester has a very cat like personality. Influenced by such of his nature being in wonderland. He in the very essence, is the Cheshire Cat. A mischievous personality and a riddled speech pattern causes this cats way of speaking somewhat unique to the place he calls home. Wonderland. The kingdom of Mamoreal to be more specific.

Physical Description: Chester dons the ears, tail and wide smile of the cheshire. His physical stature is not tall, though not particularly short. He is of average build with a slight stomach, short stature accentuating the slight roundness of his stomach. Topping off his already unique appearance of a long cats tail, stripped with a brightest of blues and a soft grey. Matching ears and hair. All topped off with the wide sharp toothed grin and striking blue “Stripes” below a set of wide electric teal eyes, a cat-like pupil absolutely topping off the odd appearance.

Cat: Chester’s build resembles that of a Himalayan Cat, with long fluffy fur and wide eyes. Though his coat is greatly different being a medium grey with bright blue striping and pink paws and nose with a rotund body causing his legs to appear as if they were shorter than intended.

History: Mamoreal, much like the kingdom of Crims. Was built days after the creation of Wonderland. Though there are striking differences between the two sisters’ kingdoms. The kingdom of Mamoreal, being the more regal of the two, and laid back. The citizens who reside in the palace and in the queens court, though pale in comparison, with most things white. Are in proportion.

Being a place of peace made life a of a relaxed sort. Until the Red Queen had learned of Alice. It wasn't long before war was waged, the Red Queen wanting to see Alice dead. The end of the war brought with it, the Red Queens defeat.
After the war, with the kingdom of Mamoreal victorious and Alice safe. Chester and many others were able to relax once again, though on guard for the case that Iracebeth get any ideas and try to regain Alice.

Religious Affiliation: N/A

Special powers / abilities: Floats / hovers, has the ability to vanish and reappear at whim wherever he sees fit. Able to turn from feral to semi-human
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Hello~ Alice~
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