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 Salve Patre Sicily!

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Enzo Vargas (Sicily)
Enzo Vargas (Sicily)

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Salve Patre Sicily! Empty
PostSubject: Salve Patre Sicily!   Salve Patre Sicily! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 29, 2015 3:53 am

Name: Enzo Vargas

Age: 19, and around 2765

gender: Male

Personality: Enzo is a very quiet, and shy person. He often times will be seen sitting alone, or not really interacting with anyone, and just taking pictures of everything. He likes to document stuff that happens. Sometimes, he starts to feel lonely, and will attempt to be social, but he quite often fails at this endeavor. He enjoys listening to music, and dancing secretly, and can be very good at it, but he has terrible stage fright, and he would never even consider doing it in front of a large crowd of people. Enzo would much rather stay inside and read a book than he would, go and play a game of some sort.

physical description: Enzo has messy brown hair and blue eyes. He often times can be seen with a sweater on, but sometimes he just has a T-shirt. Enzo is about medium height, and he is not very strong. His skin is kind of tan, and kind of pale. Sometimes, he is seen with a camera strapped around his neck. He likes to wear a bath robe around sometimes.

history:About 750 BC, the Greeks began to live in Sicily (Σικελία – Sikelia), establishing many important settlements. The most important colony was Syracuse; other significant ones were Akragas, Selinunte, Gela, Himera, and Zancle. The native Sicani and Sicel peoples were absorbed by the Hellenic culture with relative ease, and the area was part of Magna Graecia along with the rest of southern Italy, which the Greeks had also colonised. Sicily was very fertile, and the introduction of olives and grape vines flourished, creating a great deal of profitable trading; a significant part of Greek culture on the island was that of Greek religion, and many temples were built across Sicily, such as the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento.

Politics on the island was intertwined with that of Greece; Syracuse became desired by the Athenians, who, during the Peloponnesian War, set out on the Sicilian Expedition. Syracuse gained Sparta and Corinth as allies and, as a result, the Athenian expedition was defeated. The Athenian army and ships were destroyed, with most of the survivors being sold into slavery.

religeon: Catholic

powers: none
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Salve Patre Sicily!
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