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 hmm... What is it?...

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Xandra V.(Alia)
Xandra V.(Alia)

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PostSubject: hmm... What is it?...   Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:25 am

Xandra Velebeth


18, Doesn't really Age

Physical Description:
Eyes:  Teal, with some green in it.
Hair: Shoulder length, Slightly Messy, Purple colored hair.
Height: 5'4 [fuckin' shorty]
Weight: 132lb; Average
Cup Size: 36b
More Info:
Being an android she is seen to have MIDI ports and USB ports in both of her arms and the back of of her legs. She is also seen to have a sorta digital design in her eyes. On the back of her neck there the is cereal code, along with the numbers 0707.
She is usually seen wearing a purple dress that has a glowing zipper on it, along with  a light gray corset around her waist. On her arms are silver bracelets, two of them being connected to black arm warms that hide the USB and MIDI ports on her arms. She is also seen wearing thigh high gray and magenta socks, along with some black boots. Unlike most androids, Xandra can do a lot of things humans can do[A lot of things- huehue//shot]

Brief Personality:
Xandra is seen to be silent and kinda withdrawn. Being an android, she doesn't really understand human emotions that well, so there will be times that she will be kinda rude, but when she figures out she did something wrong she will apologize. There will be times she will become slightly energetic and at kind of odd but that is a rare occasion. Xandra can be seen to be quiet emotionless, never really expressing any type of emotion, though there will be that one time she will crack a smile when she is happy or frown when she is upset, other times she might yell if she is angry. There will be times where her voice will get staticy and a little glitched though when that happens she is usually either upset or angry. Xandra is also seen to be pretty curious about some things.

Personal History:
Xandra was created on July 6th 2048 on Aurelia Island. A few days after her creation she was tested to see what she could do, during the tests Xandra learned a little bit about what was going on but paid no mind to it. It wasn't till a year had passed, when she was sent to the arm were she learned to fight as well as use weapons. When the other two androids were created she treated them like family and did her best to teach them what she knew, though after she had learned what happen to them, she distanced herself from the humans, not able to trust them that well. Xandra didn't really stick around the castle after they were destroyed, so when she heard the was a new queen she got a bit curious and decided to check it out.
After meeting Soniya and her daughter, she made a promise to protect them both no matter what, even if it means she got destroyed in the process.

Representative Of:

The Island was named after the Queens daughter.

Former Country Names:
Aurelia Island

Day Formed:
July 21st 2015 was when the Island was formed, October 30th 2053 was when is gained indepence.

Republic; A parliamentary unitary gov.'t

Queen Soniya Aurelia[2073-2255]



North Atlantic Ocean:  +30.667550, -63.553550


The island was created by an very wealthy American  female who went by the name Victoria Aurelia , paying a lot of money to people to make her an island via pouring dirt, sand, etc into the Atlantic ocean close to America. In the year 2015, the island was completed, though Victoria wanted more.. So she decide to pay constructions workers to build 3 cities, as well as a mansion/castle for her to live in. It wasn't till 2042 that this was all completed, but she still wanted more.. she wanted her island to become a nation.
In turn, she had people from America, Canada, The Uk, and even some people from Russia move to stay on her island, as well as help populate it. It was't long before she crowned herself queen of the island, being the one who created it as well as created the cities. In the year 2047 Victoria decided it was time to start building an army, so that she could have them defend her Island. During the creation of her army Victoria got the idea of having scientists design a type of robot that could help the army. They were not successfull the first few times but after one year, One Android was successfully made. Since she was the first to be a Success she was made into the representive of the Island.
Upon the year 2053, the army was completed and two more androids were made, One was named Niyx and the other was named Noveh. A few weeks after the completion Victoria announced that she would be starting a war, hearing this people revolted and said no, even going as far as finding a way to destroy the newest Androids. It wasn't long after that Victoria was pulled down from her ruler ship, her pregnant sister Soniya taking over, promising to not start a war, but instead get the island indepence, When the New Queens child was born, the Islands name was changed to Alia.

America: Good Trading Partners, Allies
UK: eehhhhh, 'ok' Trading Partners
Canada: Good Trading Partners, Allies

Major Exports:
Weapons, Technology, and Baked Goods

Religious Afflitation:
No Religion

Special Abilities:
Being an Android she is a lot stonger than a normal human, as well as faster. Unlike most androids she won't over heat or freeze. Downside she has is the fact she can glitch out and shut down at certain times.
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hmm... What is it?...
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