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Jake Oseanovich (Oseria)

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PostSubject: ALL HAIL THE DUKE OF OSERIA   Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:40 pm

Jake Oseanovich



Physical Description:
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Messy and white
Height: 6 feet 1 inches
Weight: About 151
More Info: He is often seen wearing a plain white t-shirt, and shorts. He is often in conflicts, so he has bandages on his face at almost all times. He will almost win a fight, despite not being able to take hits very well, and being a bit soft sometimes. His hair is white because of evolution, and mutations, caused by radiation.


Brief Personality:
Jake will almost always be very headstrong, and charge into things, without looking at the consequences. He does not care about the cold, and he does not care about heat either. He loves all of his friends deeply, and will often do anything he can to make them happy, and defend them. He is very friendly sometimes, and loves to have parties, but sometimes, he goes a little bit overboard with watergun/nerf gun fights, having flashbacks to the civil war, which he fought in. He loves to cook, but he is god awful at it.

Personal History:
Jake fought in the civil war as a demolitions expert. He still feels guilty for all the death he caused.

Representative Of:
Oseria (Oh-sary-ah)

Ose-(ocean) beria-(siberia)

Former Country Names:
The Pacific Commonwealth

Day Formed:
August 12th

Democratic Republic

The Honorable Grand Duke of Suva

Suva, Fiji


Oseria spans from the city of Novosibirsk, at it's western border, all the way to the southernmost point of New Zealand at its southernmost point. At it's east is the city of Anchorage Alaska, and to the north is Longenyearbyen. It spans

12364598 square miles


Coat of Arms:

From the depth of the oceans, to the summit of the mountains, Hail to Oseria.

After a great war, and global warming, much of Siberia, and many Pacific Island bound nations fell into famine. on August 12th, 2153, the area known as "Siberia" declared independence, and created a Commonwealth with the nations of Fiji, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. In the near future, more nations, such as Chile, Korea, and Tahiti, Joined the Commonwealth. After many years of prosperity, a civil war broke out in the year 2183. Several nations wanted to become independent again. The government, who had no choice other than that of military invasion, mobilized their forces to take back the rebel territory. It was a long and bloody war. When the dust finally settled, on December the 17th, 2186, over 20,000,000 people had lost their lives. This sparked something inside of the government of the Oserian Government. They realized that in order to preserve their nation, they must create a stronger central government. And on that day, The Pacific Commonwealth became The Republic of Oseria. The nation became heavily militarized, and quickly rose to world superpower status. Because of this, they began to invade other nations, such as Mongolia, Manchuria Parts of Kazakhstan, and even part of Alaska. To this day, Oseria has continued to expand. The government put much focus into environmental weaponry, and have successfully caused floods, earthquakes, and froze, and subsequently melted an Island with their tech. Oseria has also great amounts of skilled engineers, who can fix almost any vehicle, piece of equipment, or every day gadget you could think of. Today, Oseria has set up several hundred colonies on Venus, and Mercury. They have even launched a research station to fly within close orbit of the sun. In the futeure, Oserian Scientists hope to discover a way to harness the energy from stars to power their ships. This would make it possible to go beyond the solar system, and explore new parts of the galaxy.

Russia: Hatred for Russia. Feeling is mutual.
America: Dislike, but still trading partners.
UK: Good trading partners, but on uneasy terms due to annexation of commonwealth nations
China: Bad relations, current Embargo in effect
Spain: Good trading partners, and Allies
Germany: Respect for one another, trading partners
Italy: He loves Italy, but Italy is utterly terrified of him for no particular reason.

Major Exports:
Coal, fruit, oil, weapons, and technology.

Religious Affiliation:
He has so many religions practiced, that he has declared religious freedom

Special Abilities
Jake has the ability to change weather, change temperature, and fix broken things at will.
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