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 *giggles* Oh dear~ I wish you could see your face right now~! Still can't believe I'm a spirit~?

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Ritsu (Spirit Realm)

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PostSubject: *giggles* Oh dear~ I wish you could see your face right now~! Still can't believe I'm a spirit~?   Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:44 pm

Name: Ritsu

Representative of: The Spirit Realm or 霊界 Reikai

Gender: Female. Even though she can shape shift into a male - a younger looking male - she prefers being female.

Age: She looks about 19, but literally she's been at the beginning.

Brief personality: Ritsu is mischievous. She likes to trick people and she lures them in with sweet-talk and kind smiles. She giggles often and she is very secretive. She can be ruthless, and with her smiles and grace, it can make you double-take if she's really good. But she's not good, she can be... nice. She does not get mad easily though if you do insult her or belittle her, she will not hesitate to curse you and make your life miserable. Her personality is heavily influenced by the kitsune, and she talks like she is older than everyone in this world. (She thinks she is.) She can be cruel, and will twist her words just to see you break and go into catatonic - if she ever knows who you are. Her smiles and words may cover her true intentions with you, but her eyes says everything. But as a wife, or a lover, or a friend, or a protector, she is very loyal and tales often tell of her outwitting wrongdoers for the sake of those she loves. She won't stop with her secretive smiles though, but know that once you gained her trust, or possibly her all, she will never betray you. She is quite fond of the Hondas obviously.

Brief physical description: As human, Ritsu has long white-blonde hair that reaches to her knees and she has red eyes. Her hair is tied to two pigtails by blue ribbons. She has pale skin and she wears a traditional clothing (a furisode) from Japan and red slippers. She has markings on her forehead, inverted single quotation marks. She is seen with a star ball, and she hovers over it protectively and usually keeps it with her tail or hand. Even when doing nothing, her mischievous smirk seems to stick to her, always. Her eyes are usually expressive though. She also has her nine tails and fox ears visible and out. In the light, her hair may flash white or gold.
Human appearance(close enough):

As a fox, she has white fur with red markings on the forehead. She has the nine tails too. In the light, her fur may flash white or gold.
Fox appearance(close enough):

When she is furious and her anger wouldn't be satiated for long, her hair would turn black and her eyes would be more reddish.
(Close enough, again):

Brief history: According to Japanese mythology, their are four worlds: Reikai, the spirit world, a sort of Heaven, if you will; Ningenkai, the human world; Makai, the demon world; and Meikai, which is essentially Hell. Reikai rules over and governs the Ningenkai and collects and processes the souls of humans who die so that they can be reborn. Meikai use to perform the same function for the Makai, but according to Yu Yu Hakusho, a long time ago, Enma Daiou sealed away the realm of Meikai when the king of Meikai, Yakumo, tried to invade the Ningenkai. Now, demons are judged alongside humans by the Reikai.

Traditional Japanese beliefs state that every human being has a soul called reikon. After death, the reikon exits the body and enters a state of purgatory, where it awaits the body's funeral and final rites. If completed properly, the reikon becomes satisfied and meets peace and becomes a protector of the family from which it came.

However, if a person dies an unnatural death or the final rites aren't properly conducted, the reikon becomes a yurei, or dim spirit. The yurei anguishes in purgatory wondering why someone just can't bury the damn body already. If the yurei develops strong enough emotional attachments to the physical world, it returns as a ghost.

The purgatory mentioned is the Spirit Realm, for it can hold any kinds of spirits. The spirit world, according to Spiritualism, is the world inhabited by spirits. Whereas religion regards an inner life, the spirit world is regarded as an external environment for spirits. Although independent from the natural world, both the spirit world and the natural world are in constant interaction. Through mediumship, these worlds can consciously communicate with each other. The spirit world of Spiritualism can be described by mediums in trance.

Religious affiliation: Shinto.

Any special powers or abilities:
Special powers and abilities:

Her color in the chatbox is #ff6600.
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*giggles* Oh dear~ I wish you could see your face right now~! Still can't believe I'm a spirit~?
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