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 The Spirit of America.

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Ava F. Jones

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PostSubject: The Spirit of America.   Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:34 am


Ava F. Jones.

Representative of:
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.




Human: 19.
Place: [statehood] 237.

Brief Personality:
Best described as a prudish, self-concerned woman with a bit of a temper.
She is very off the beaten path when it comes to her ideas and takes pride in being quite the progressive kind of person. In other words, she makes things happen– forced or not.
She’s a workaholic with extreme liberal points of view, but in her spare time indulges in sports and Boston night life. She’s very competitive when it comes to sports and loves nothing more than a Red Sox game. However, if her team loses, she finds herself assisting in the destructive riots which follow post-Red Sox loss. (Boston is quite the rowdy city, indeed.)
Ava thinks very logically and has a wonderful understanding of the sciences– especially biotechnology. She’s also a huge history buff and generally the stickler when it comes to education.
When not consumed with politics, school management, and working out the kinks of her tax system (nicknamed ‘Taxachusetts’ rightfully), her sole purpose is to bother other New-Englander states, it’s become a hobby of hers.
All in all, Ava is proud, intelligent, and fiery, making her “The Spirit of America.”

Brief Appearance:

Ava is a five foot-five brunette with very European features. She’s relatively pale, has light brown tresses, and sharp mint-green eyes. Her hair is naturally wavy but is typically worn straight and ends a little bit above the small of her back. A stubborn strand of hair with a slight kink to it jets from shorter layers near her face and is representative of Cape Cod [which is, yes, an erogenous zone.]
Her body type is slim, but curvy in all the right places. She’s very keen about her appearance and her weight and doesn’t bother with passing it off as something that comes naturally. “It’s all through hard work,” she will most likely remark.
Her normal attire in public is a bit dressier due to her serious work-environment but, at home, she’s a bit of a bum. Oversized sweatshirts, shorts, and knee-high socks serve her well around the house. Ava is a bit of a feminist and often sports skirts and other flirtatious (but not lewd) female clothing but finds that after the early portion of fall has come and gone, pants and boots are a popular combination.
Full Avatar:
Brief History:

Religious Affiliation:
Christianity. (Though, most people in Massachusetts are Catholic.)

Any special powers or abilities:

Ava's color in the chatbox is: #336699
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The Spirit of America.
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