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 Zdraveite! I'm Bulgaria!

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Simeon Borisov (Bulgaria)
Simeon Borisov (Bulgaria)

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Zdraveite! I'm Bulgaria!  Empty
PostSubject: Zdraveite! I'm Bulgaria!    Zdraveite! I'm Bulgaria!  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2015 4:24 pm

Name: Simeon Borisov

Representative of: the Republic of Bulgaria (Република България)

Gender: Male

Historical - 1, 334 years old
Human - 23 years old

Brief personality:
B stands for bighearted - Simeon is a very kind guy and is very caring for his friends. He tends to say ‘sorry’ often, though he is trying to stop. The boy trusts too easy, which is a problem at times. If you don't talk to him yourself, he would never interact with you. However, if you do, after being slightly awkward at first, he will start to convers with you as if you two are friends, which tends to him saying stuff he wouldn't want to be out or accidentally tell some secret. That's why he usually doesn't hesitate to tell something to someone and his honesty can be rather annoying at times.

U stands for uncertain - Simeon has problems with his confidence. Though he tries to hide that, anyone he is closer to can easily see that. Because he is a smaller country, he always worked hard to show he can. However, the boy also grew a fear for failure, to being wrong. He used to be an empire - twice. So now he tends to stay in the shadow. He doesn't want to make the wrong move, as he believes all he worked for would shatter at the smallest mistake. Yet he masks it well, not wanting to show the others just how he feels, because he'll consider it as a mistake and he doubts he could fix it.

L stands for lazy - Now, Simeon isn't lazy for everything. In fact, he isn't that lazy as he shows. However, he still prefers to have his work done for him and does well in making others do just that. But in the cases where he should do things on his own, he does them well. Then he turns 360 degrees and gets this hard working need. And in such times, Simeon would prefer to do something on his own, annoyed by offers for help - with exceptions, of course.

G stands for geek - In fact, he's the whole package - a nerd, a geek and a dork. And there is a difference! Nerds are smart, geeks are fans, dorks are unathletic. He is a geek for a few things. First, he loves books. Big, small, just have letters. He has a liking towards history books, expecially his own - he gets pride reading what he had done in the past, making him pretty patriotic. His biggest ‘form of patriotism’, however, would be food. National Bulgarian food, to be exact. His favourite would definitely be yoghurt, or as he calls it, ‘sour milk’.

A stands for adaptable - If there was one thing he learned as a Bulgarian, it's to quickly get used to different situations. Wars don't bother him, they come and go. Bad weather isn't a problem, he's used to deep snow winters and 40+ degrees of a summer, expecially when he was with Russia. Going from one place to another doesn't bother him, he probably goes to at least five different places a year (but what Bulgarian wouldn't with the sea to the east and more than 400 mountains). Awful quality of some hotel, no problem! It's not as if one half of the hotels he's been in are such and the other half are amazingly luxurious... That being said, he's been through enough problems not to really care about what is going on around him.

R stands for rash - One rather unpleasant part of him is that he is quick to talk. He doesn't think over things and can seem helpless in situations relying on emotional support. He just needs time to actually sort everything else and that isn't good for the friend in need. However, that also makes him trustworthy, as he tends to say what is on his mind. He can't keep it in if he doesn't like something or someone and will always say if he finds something as weird or funny. Some can see it as being hateful or disrespectful but soon will come to find out that it's just him.

I stands for idealist - Simeon loves to dream. To think about different ideas, how things could happen, what he would do if he had the chance. He's also well aware of where to cross the line, though he prefers to continue dreaming, even if there really isn't a reason to. He likes to share his thoughts with other people, which can make others think of him as weird, strange, anything from the sort. However, his doesn't care at all and keeps his head up in the sky, however naïve one way think of him as.

A stands for antisocial - One of the most obvious thing one can find out about him is that he dislikes to be around people, that he dislikes to talk to others. If he could, he would avoid social interactions at all cost but sadly life doesn't have such things in mind from him. However, as much as he can, he tries to stay only with friends of his and even then he may need a few moments to himself afterwards. It's just that people tire him, while solitude recharges him yet again. Though, if said friend wears their hood right, maybe he would enjoy being with them.

Brief physical description:
Simeon has shaggy black hair. It isn't long, nor very short. Sometimes he would make himself shorten it slightly but he usually tries to keep it one size, unless needed. He isn't keen on brushing it much and tends to leave it untouched but his hair is wild enough so it isn't visible, expecially if you aren't a close friend of his.

He also has green eyes, which he takes great pride in. If anyone notes them, he'll explain random facts he has read, including it being a rare eye colour and what not. Another thing he prises about how he looks is that he is relatively tall, being 1,73 meters. He isn't fat, nor slim and isn't planning on being either.

Brief history:

Brief Bulgarian History:

Religious affiliation: Mainly Eastern Orthodox, though nowadays he is becoming more and more of an atheist.

Any special powers or abilities:

Powers - Though he isn't sure if he can do magic, he can still see different magical creatures and can interact with them as well.

Abilities - From a kid he can dance very well, though he is best in his nation's national dance - horo - and all its different types. He also can cook well, though some of his foods can have a lot of spices. From his younger years he prised himself as a fast horse rider. A rather ‘unmanly’ he does well is rose - picking.
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Zdraveite! I'm Bulgaria!
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