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 Off with your head!! just kidding!!

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Pandora C.(Crims)

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PostSubject: Off with your head!! just kidding!!    Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:14 pm

Pandora Crims

Representative of:


As a Human: 17 years old
As a Place: 140 years old as a Place

Brief personality:
Pandora is seen to be somewhat of a sneaky and a bit mischievous. She isn't as serious as she was in the past though that doesn't me she can't get very serious. Pandora can be seen to be very clingy and a little over protective, though she will try to hide this fact so that she doesn't scare anyone off. She is also seen to have some sadistic tendancy though she will deny this, even when it is true. Pandora is seen to have a fondness for pranking people as well as taking long naps.

Brief physical description:
Pandora is seen to have short white, slightly messy hair, along with hazel, almost golden colored eyes. Since Crims is home to two of wonderlands most dangerous Animals, she is given a more Anthro appearance[aka an Anthro cat]. She is seen to have dark gray, almost black and burgandy[I think], colored fur. If you look close enough she is seen to have white on her tail + her paws, as well as some white spots on her cheeks as well as some on her back, near her tail. It is seen that a galaxy like smoke is leaking from her tail, as well as around her ankle and above her head[like a halo], she has this to show some of the craziness seen in Crims. Her outfit consists of a lavender colored sweater, jean shorts, along with stripped knee high socks.

Brief history:
Crims was built a few days after Wonderland was made, the ruler of the kingdom was known as The Red Queen, her full name being Iracebeth of Crims. Unlike the kingdom opposite of her, The members of the her court have big body parts like their chin, nose, ears, belly, etc. Crims was known to be more violent and strict, The queen usually having someone beheaded at somepoint everyday. The kingdom known as Crims was also known to be the home of two of the most dangerous creatures in wonderland, known as the Bandersnatch and the Jub-Jub bird. These two creatures were usually used by the Queen for wars.
There wasn't much peace in Crims, especially after The Red Queen learned about Alice, it wasn't long befor she declared war, wanting to see Alice dead. Because of this a bloody war broke out, Crims going against the Kingdom of White, also known as Marmoreal. Near the end of the war, most of The Red Queens army was defeated.. Meaning that she had lost the fight..
After the war, not much changed th Red Queen was still cruel and strict, but there is not much she can do anymore.
[Crims is The Kingdom of Hearts in Alice and wonderland, So there isn't much history on it, so I had to make one .-. yep. Sorry]

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
She can go into a more feral form and do some magic. She can also float around.

Pandora' color in the chatbox is #006666
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Off with your head!! just kidding!!
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