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 Head of the Kirkland Family.

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Alvara (Britannia)

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PostSubject: Head of the Kirkland Family.   Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:12 pm

Alvara Idris Kirkland

Representative of:
Prehistory-Britain, Roman Britain, and Sub-Roman Britain. She refers to herself as Britannia; it was given to her during Roman rule, and thus she kept it.


She is 30 in human years, yet over 2000 years old in actual age.

Brief personality:
Alvara is intelligent and witty, yet caring and loving. She loves to crack jokes and hang around friends. She loves to embarrass her sons and takes pride in their success. She is noted to be very motherly to her friends and family, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Of course, she loves sarcasm.

Brief physical description:
She has long, blonde hair with a section of it tied in the back. She has bright green eyes and thick eyebrows like Arthur. She weighs 120 lbs and is 5’7”. She wears clothing from the early BCE, so she isn't exactly up to date. She could be considered very beautiful.

Brief history:
Alvara was born in 320 BCE, when the first known settlements in Britain were recorded. The first recorded history in Britain dates back to 43 AD, when the Romans invaded. At this time, Alvara was merely a child. She grew up quickly when she was taken over, though.

Britannia was a province of the Roman Empire from 43 to 409. The first direct Roman contact came when the Roman general and future dictator, Julius Caesar, made two expeditions to Britain in 55 and 54 BC as an offshoot of his conquest of Gaul, believing the Alvara had been helping her resistance. Both had failed.  Augustus planned invasions in 34, 27 and 25 BC, but circumstances were never favourable, and the relationship between Britain and Rome settled into one of diplomacy and trade.  In the invasion force in 43, led by Aulus Plautius, the Romans defeated the Catuvellauni and their allies in two battles: the first, assuming a Richborough landing, on the river Medway, the second on the River Thames. One of the Catuvellaunian leaders, Togodumnus, was killed, but his brother Caratacus survived to continue resistance elsewhere. Plautius halted at the Thames and sent for Claudius, who arrived with reinforcements, including artillery and elephants, for the final march to the Catuvellaunian capital, Camulodunum (Colchester). The future emperor Vespasian subdued the southwest, Cogidubnus was set up as a friendly king of several territories, and treaties were made with tribes outside the area under direct Roman control. After that, the Romans conquered more of the island, increasing the size of Roman Britain. During the entire Roman rule, Britannia constantly revolted against his rule. She caused some damage, but usually ended up losing the fights. Rome would have her fight battle for him, and not always would her troops return. In the late 4th and early 5th centuries, the Roman Empire could no longer defend itself against either internal rebellion or the external threat posed by expanding Germanic tribes in northeastern Europe. This situation and its consequences governed the separation of Britannia from the rest of the Empire.

There were a few good things about being under Roman rule. During their occupation of Britain, the Romans built an extensive network of roads which continued to be used in later centuries and many are still followed today. The Romans also built water supply, sanitation and sewage systems. Many of Britain's major cities, such as London, Manchester, and York, were founded by the Romans.

After Rome’s rule, Britannia came under increasing pressure from barbarian attack on all sides towards the end of the 4th century, and troops were too few to mount an effective defence. After the Saxon invasion in 446. In the 5th and 6th centuries, Anglo-Saxons migrated to Britain in large numbers, substantially displacing the British people. Although the Anglo-Saxon made a considerable allowance for British survival, the greater part of southern England was overrun in the first phase of the war. The arrival of the Anglo-Saxons as a violent event. The toponymic and linguistic evidence was also considered to support this interpretation, as very few British place names survived in eastern Britain, very few British Celtic words entered the Old English language and the Brythonic language and peoples migrated from south-western Britain to Armorica, which eventually became Brittany.

In other words, Alvara never got the end of it after Rome left. She was left vulnerable and weak, constantly being attacked by barbaric tribes. The Anglo-Saxons invaded, ultimately destroying her almost completely, yet taking over and leaving her powerless.

Religious affiliation:
Originally Pagan, later converted to Christianity (2nd Century).

Any special powers or abilities:
Magic of all types. Hers is a tad stronger than Arthur’s, yet nowadays it strains her since she is no longer a country.

Alvara trapped her 2P inside her body to prevent her from rampaging and killing the 1P Kirkland family. Her name is Geneva Edythe Kirkland, and she looks exactly like Alvara, except her hair is a lighter colour (platinum blonde) and her eyes are bright blue. She tends to wear blue themed clothing and she usually has her hair in a braid. Geneva is materialistic and doesn't really care about her children. She taught them that killing was the answer to all issues, and she kind of abandoned her family at a young age. Not on purpose, but because Alvara figured out that William was cheating on her with Geneva. When they both figured this out, Geneva tried to kill Alvara's family and Alvara used magic to trap Geneva inside of her. None of the Kirklands, other than William, Geneva, and Alvara know this. 
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Head of the Kirkland Family.
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