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 APH Liechtenstein application.

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Nina A.~Liechtenstein

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PostSubject: APH Liechtenstein application.   Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:50 am

Name: Nina Elise Adelstein.

Representative of: Fürstentum Liechtenstein.

Gender: Female.

Age: 18 years old in appearance (even if she looks a bit younger). It's quite uncertain, but in representation-wise age she has been around since the 5th century, maybe even a bit earlier.

Brief personality: Originally having been Austrian nobles, she is described as being rather high-tech, with a humble and mature personality and a level head, though she will clearly state her views. Her speaking pattern is rather formal, and she didn't seem to understand the informal greeting shared between Seychelles and Hong Kong. She was passed along many different nations throughout her life, which became rough and difficult for her after WWI due to a food shortage. However, Liechtenstein was saved from her situation when Switzerland found her and adopted her as his sister.

Due to her resemblance to her brother after her haircut (and having worn a duplicate uniform), Liechtenstein was once mistaken for being a young boy, causing her to become intensely concerned about the size of her chest. Switzerland rectified this problem by gifting her the purchase of a ribbon of her choice.

Although few of her relationships have been shown in canon, her profile in Volume 4 states that she is social and has many friends.

Brief physical description: Liechtenstein has blonde hair, in a chin-length bob cut like her brother, and wears a blue ribbon on the right side of her head. As shown in flashbacks, she used to wear her hair long and in braids, but she cut her hair to look more like Switzerland and found that it was more comfortable. She wears a long-sleeved dress, but on one occasion dressed in a uniform that she designed to resemble her brother's. Her dress is often shown to be deep red with lighter stripes, though she has also appeared in a pink version of it in a few doodles and in the Hetalia trading card game.

Before her adoption, she was shown to wear a pink dress and apron, which had become damaged due to the aftermath of WWI and her having fallen into poverty. She cut her hair sometime after World War II, as she was depicted during it with her hair still long and her economy still doing somewhat unwell.

Brief history:
Liechtenstein's History:

Religious affiliation: Catholic Christian.

Any special powers or abilities: Liechtenstein isn't only very skilled in sewing and cooking, but she also knows how to handle different types of guns and has grown very fond of practicing her aim almost everyday.




Liechtenstein is said to have originally been Austrian nobles. Historically, Liechtenstein was heavily connected to Austria until after WWI, although this has not really been shown explicitly in canon. In canon, however, the two are very polite to one another.


The two of them were featured together in a strip about soccer. They found out that the melodies of their anthems matched, which led to great confusion. Other than this, they don't interact much, though they seem to be quite friendly with each other.


While they've not been depicted together outside of one of the Christmas events where they'd not interacted, Liechtenstein was said to have lived at Germany's house for some time, before the collapse of the German Confederation granted her independence.

Hungary and Ukraine

The three of them seem to be good friends. In Volume 4's "A History of Interesting Clothes", they had a friendly chat about the dressing costumes in their countries. They even refer themselves using nicknames rather than their full names.


Liechtenstein, upon noticing the large sphere that was Kugelmugel's house on the way to Austria's house with Switzerland, she immediately ran to it as she had heard of Kugelmugel and was enthusiastic to meet him as she had heard that he was very cute, though he exceeded her initial expectations. However she believes him to be a girl and, even when Germany said he was a boy, she was confused and believed him to be mistaken. She seemed very enthusiastic at the idea of meeting him again. After their meeting, Kugelmugel asked his boss to make his home larger, citing that small things are not art(but small living things were). It's possible that he sees Liechtenstein as art, as she is quite small, herself (though bigger than he is.)


Switzerland was the one who found Liechtenstein and adopted her as his younger sister, saving her from death and providing her with the assistance she needed. Because she has no army, Switzerland protects her and she does various things in her daily life together with him. The two are very close and he cares for her a lot while she seems to look up to him, though unbeknownst to Liechtenstein, their relationship reminds her brother of his long-ago friendship with Austria, that he'll deny ever happened. Despite being aware of their current relationship's troubles, Liechtenstein is happy when Switzerland will meet with and talk to Austria.
In a strip that took place in WWII, Switzerland entrusted watching the house to her while he guarded from outside. However, she found herself wondering how he survived being independent, despite stronger countries such as Germany, Prussia, Italy, France, and Austria having surrounded him for years. After coming to the conclusion that he had made many strong weapons because he was very skillful, she desired to be of assistance to him and sought them out. However, she found that his planes were all rather outdated and became afraid and worried, concerning Switzerland when he returned as she had paled. However, she confronted him and he reassured her that, due to the topography and the large variety of weapons that he had that were all superior in technology to his planes, there was no problem. However, he was quick to sell his weapons to Germany, much to Liechtenstein's returning concern.
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APH Liechtenstein application.
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