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 Hufflepuffs are next to the kitchen! I suppose those are plus points, right?

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Effie~House of Hufflepuff

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PostSubject: Hufflepuffs are next to the kitchen! I suppose those are plus points, right?   Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:08 am

House of Hufflepuff

Name: Effie Ida Hufflepuff.

Representative of: The House of Hufflepuff.

Gender: Female.

Age: 17 in phisical age. The House itself is around 1000 years old.

Brief personality: Effie is a shy and quiet teenager, who will not rise her voice much and will always behave in a polite & respectful manner. She is quite friendly, and will always lend a hand if needed, whether it's helping other students (specially the ones in her House) with lessons they're struggling with or setting up different school events. Once she warms up to somebody, she will be gradually more outgoing and open, which is a sign that you have earned her trust! Effie is also quite a sensitive person, but even if she's easy to offend or upset, she doesn't depend on anybody (or at least she tries not to) to get her confidence or good mood back.

Brief physical description: Effie is quite a petite and short girl, due to her height she tends to have difficulty to do tasks such as carrying things around or reaching the high shelves. She has chin-length, bubbly, ebony black hair that she always manages to tame with her brush, because she isn't really an early bird she sometimes forgets to brush it, which tends to result in it looking like a messy ball of fluff. She usually wears a Hufflepuff student uniform to give more of a friendly and approachable look, in special occassions, though, she wears quite an old, beautifully patterned cloak. Effie has quite a dark skin tone, a round face and very dark, almost black eye color.

Brief history: Trying to run away from her troubled past, Effie was taken in the House of Hufflepuff by Helga Hufflepuff. Full of gratefulness, the young maiden learned with delight everything that was offered at the wizardry and witchcraft school, showing all the traits a Hufflepuff must have. One day, she was called in by Helga Hufflepuff, she said she was the best representative of Hufflepuff, having displayed all the characteristics and the such that her House represented. She explained to her that other three students from the other three Houses were also chosen with the same purpose of turning into something greater and righteous, but they had to go through a spell for it to happen, so one day all of them gathered. Rowena Ravenclaw put her diadem on their heads, and their minds were filled with knowledge : how to handle the power they have while being a representation, how to guide their students... Godric killed them with his sword, Salazar kept their human souls in his medaillon, and Helga made their dead bodies drink the potion she made in her cup, that would turn them into Ideas, Places, Representations. They became intangible. They became the Four Hogwarts Houses.

Religious affiliation: She doesn't believe in a god, but she believes there's some type of afterlife.

Any special powers or abilities: She can do magic and is very skilled at it.
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Hufflepuffs are next to the kitchen! I suppose those are plus points, right?
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