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 Ciao or Hello or Potato or Hello In Whatever Language You Speak.

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Sarah Vargas (Cospaia)

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PostSubject: Ciao or Hello or Potato or Hello In Whatever Language You Speak.   Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:07 pm

Repubblica di Cospaia
cospariae perpetua et firma libertas

To Humans: Sarah Nicole Akio
To Demons: Sarah Nicole Abbadon
To Angels: Exousia Shemiramoth

Representative of:


Human: 20
Historical: 575

Brief personality:
She is very artistic. She loves to read, write, draw, paint, sing, dance, compose music, play piano, and much more. She is known to be quite intelligent and somewhat reserved, despite the fact that she is Italian. To be honest, she’s considered to be an anti-Italian (Cospaians hated the other Italian states because they forgot him and didn’t even notice his existence). Even though she also has Italian and French blood in her, she can’t cook all too well, she practices magic (Cospaia was considered a magical land because it was only 1 sq mile and it lasted almost 400 years), she doesn’t usually flirt and hardly finds anyone attractive, and she is hardly afraid of anything. So she’s pretty much the odd one out in the family, and because she hates her family, she taught herself to lose her accent when speaking English. She doesn’t like dealing with other Italians or Frenchies because she says it’s like babysitting a bunch of children. She obsesses over proper grammar and she has dry humour. Anyways, she specialises in black magic (because Cospaia was considered a dark state- it had illegal drugs, mafias, and it was in anarchy), and she also has ESP.

Brief physical description:
Sarah is tall, measuring up to 5'9”, and she’s skinny as hell. She has blonde hair (showing that A. she’s anti-Italian and B. she’s partially French) and grey eyes with splotches of yellow around the pupil. She has a curl in his hair that sticks out sometimes (showing he is Italian deep down). She typically wears smart-casual clothes, although she doesn’t always iron his clothes. She has a really nice ass, though, thanks to her Italian blood.

Brief history:
Representing the Republic of Cospaia, she was the smallest microstate ever, measuring 3.3 km² (1 sq mi).

Cospaia became independent in 1440, after Pope Eugene IV, embroiled in a struggle with the Council of Basel, made a sale of territory to the Republic of Florence. By error, the small strip of land went unmentioned in the sale treaty, and the inhabitants promptly declared themselves independent. During the time that this happened, it was an early centre in Italy for tobacco production. Soon after Cospaia was created, the French invaded the area. They left Cospaia alone, though, since no one wanted the land (that or they didn’t notice the land >.>).

Cospaia was almost completely anarchist ruled in government and criminal justice system, or lack thereof. Cospaia had no jails and no standing army or police force within the tiny nation, thus making crime rampant, though records are scarce. There was a council of elders and a chief's family who governed at one point. They met in the Church of Annunciation for councils. Even so, the land eventually deteriorated into a mere smugglers’ haven. Because of this, in May 25th, 1826, the land was divided between Tuscany and the Papal States. Each of the citizens were awarded a silver coin by the church to help convince them to continue farming tobacco and not to resist.

Today, Cospaia is merely a hamlet, or frazione. It is located in the northern suburb of San Giustino by a lake and next to the borders of Umbria with Tuscany.

Religious affiliation:
Roman Catholic.

Any special powers or abilities:
Black magic and ESP/psionic magic. Though upon merging with an angel (in order to live since she's a dead nation), she received angelic powers.
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Ciao or Hello or Potato or Hello In Whatever Language You Speak.
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